Arctic King air conditioner remote symbols meaning

The symbols on your Arctic King remote buttons are used to control some of the settings on your air conditioner from a distance, but they can be confusing.

The Arctic King brand is an affordable option for air conditioners, but the units still work as they should to cool down your home or space.

However, it can be confusing to decipher the meanings of the symbols on your remote control, but fortunately, the symbols are fairly similar on all the air conditioner models.

Why buy an Arctic King air conditioner?

The Arctic King brand is owned by the Chinese company, Midea, which makes all kinds of home appliances including refrigerators, kettles, heaters, and more. As a result, the Arctic King brand is known for having many affordable air conditioners.

Even though Arctic King air conditioners are on the lower end of the price range, they still offer good value for money since they are incredibly easy to install and use, and they offer good enough performance that you will not wish that you had spent more on an air conditioning unit from a different brand.

Arctic King air conditioner remote symbols meaning

Part of what makes the Arctic King air conditioners so user-friendly is the fact that you can use the remote control that comes with most of the portable and window units to change your air conditioner’s settings from a distance.

This means that you will be able to change the temperature, mode, fan speed, and more from a distance of up to 26 feet away from the air conditioner.

Even though using a remote control makes using your Arctic King air conditioner more convenient, it can also be confusing to decipher what all of the symbols on the remote mean.

Different Arctic air conditioners’ remote controls vary slightly in design and function, but there are several common symbols for all of the air conditioners, in terms of main controls and other controls.

You can also purchase replacement universal remote controls for your Arctic King air conditioner, which have their own similar symbols.

Regardless of which control or remote you use, it is important to ensure that the Arctic King air conditioner beeps when you press one of the controls on the remote, as this indicates that your air conditioner is registering the changes that you have made.

The main Arctic King remote symbols

The distinction between main controls and other controls is arbitrary, but these symbols likely represent some of the controls you will use most often for your Arctic King air conditioner, which are as follows:

Symbol Control Explanation
Power Turns your air conditioner on or off
Operational Mode Pressing this button will scroll through the various operational modes that your air conditioner supports, such as: Auto, Cool, Dry, Heat, and Fan
Fan Speed Pressing this button cycles through the various fan speed options, such as auto, low, medium, and high fan speeds
Temperature control Here, pressing the “Up” button increases your temperature by one degree, up to the maximum of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressing the “Down” button decreases the temperature by one degree, down to a minimum of 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressing both buttons simultaneously allows you to switch between degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius
Shortcut Pressing this button activates your pre-set settings for the air conditioner

 Other Arctic King air conditioner remote symbols

Although remote symbols and designs differ slightly from one model to the next, they are all similar, which makes them easy to recognise, even the controls that are not used as often, like:

Symbol Control Explanation
Timer Selecting the “Timer on” button will set a timer for when you need to turn the unit on, and pressing “Timer off” will set a timer for when you need to turn the unit off
Sleep Pressing this button will activate or deactivate “Sleep mode” which saves energy while you are sleeping
Swing Pressing this button will make the louvre move or stop moving
Follow Me This is the temperature sensor and room temperature display button
LED This button turns the LED light on the display of your air conditioning unit on or off

 Replacement remote symbols

The replacement remote controls that you can purchase, which are compatible with the Arctic King air conditioners, like this CHOUBENBEN one which is $14.98 on Amazon and this RCECAOSHAN which is also available for $14.98, include many of the symbols mentioned above.

Arctic King air conditioner remote symbols meaning Arctic King air conditioner remote symbols meaning
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These symbols include the Power, Fan, Timer, Temperature controls, and Follow Me symbols, and more.

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