Are Arctic King portable air conditioners any good?

The 7000 BTU, 8000 BTU, and 10000 BTU portable air conditioners from Arctic King have great customer reviews and have been proven to be great value for money.

The Arctic King brand is operated as part of its parent brand, Midea, and creates the same customer-focused designs and value for money products.

Arctic King has various portable air conditioner models, including the 7000 BTU, 8000 BTU, and 10000 BTU versions, which all have great customer reviews and are great value for money.

About the Arctic King brand

Commercial and residential air conditioners have been manufactured by the Arctic King brand since 2006, but when Midea acquired the brand, it truly started to compete with other brands in the air conditioning market.

Midea’s business philosophy is centred on creating consumer-focused appliances that are innovative and reliable.

Under the corporate guidance of this parent company, the Arctic King brand has created a catalogue of products, including air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, and more.

Are Arctic King portable air conditioners any good?

When you are shopping for a portable air conditioner, the sheer amount of brands and products available can be overwhelming. This is why it is important that you know whether a brand can be trusted to deliver a good quality product or not.

For the most part, Arctic King portable air conditioners are good value for money. This includes the 7000 BTU model, the 8000 BTU model, and the 10000 BTU models that the brand has to offer for rooms of different sizes.

The reviews on Arctic King portable air conditioning units include positive points about the functionality of the air conditioners once they are actually installed and working in real homes.

They also include reviews about the user-friendly design of the vent installation window kits, the auto-evaporation features, and air conditioners’ other built-in features.

Overall, customers are really impressed with the value that they get when they purchase any of the Arctic King portable air conditioners, as these units work optimally to cool down your space efficiently and they will last years before they need to be replaced.

However, to get a true sense of whether the Arctic King portable air conditioners are any good, it is best to examine the pros and cons of each model individually.

Is the Arctic King 7000 BTU air conditioner any good?

The Arctic King 7000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote is recommended for small rooms that are between 150 and 250 square feet in size.

Most people initially buy from the Arctic King brand, because their air conditioners are known for being reliable and durable.

This is also the case for this specific model, as most consumers have these air conditioners for several years and they mention that the cooling takes effect quite fast once it is installed and operating.

However, this is a relatively low-tech model with a remote that only has basic controls and no mobile application or digital interface. However, because this model is on the simpler side, it is incredibly easy to install and user-friendly.

The air conditioner comes with a window kit for easy installation in sliding windows, but some users have needed to add a piece of plywood or foam tape to make this vent more secure.

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This unit can also be quite loud, but it has a 24-hour timer and a sleep mode setting that prevents it from running in the background 24/7.

Is the Arctic King 8000 BTU air conditioner any good?

This model is more powerful and advanced than the 7000 BTU version, and it can comfortably cool down spaces of up to 350 square feet.

Reviews for the Arctic King 8000 BTU Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner, which is currently unavailable on Amazon, are similar to those of the 7000 BTU model when it comes to functionality, durability, user-friendly design and noise levels.

The extra strength and additional Wi-Fi, smartphone capability, and voice control makes this model excellent value for money. This AC has been known to work well even in divided spaces, like three bedroom apartments and when the weather is well over 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Is the Arctic King 10000 BTU air conditioner any good?

The Arctic King 10000 BTU Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner is the most powerful model that the brand has and it cools rooms of up to 500 square feet effectively.

This unit shares some of the more advanced features, like the Wi-Fi and smartphone compatibility with the 8000 BTU model and has four-way directional cooling to accommodate these bigger spaces.

It is also worth mentioning that all of the above-mentioned models seldom need to be drained, as the auto-evaporation mode works well in most cases. The 10000 BTU model is also very energy-efficient.

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