Are Frigidaire refrigerators “garage-ready”?

Some Frigidaire refrigerators have the characteristics to make them “Garage-ready”, but you can also add a garage refrigerator kit to the other models.

Typically, your garage is only an addition to your home, and it will not be as well-insulated as the other spaces in your home. This can make it complicated when you want to put an old refrigerator in your garage.

Fortunately, Frigidaire has some “Garage-ready” models with special features that make them better suited for use in this kind of space, or you can use a garage refrigerator kit.

Are garages typically well-insulated spaces?

Garages are no longer just a storage space for your cars and tools, most households use their garages for various activities like a home gymnasium, as a makeshift shop or workroom, as additional entertaining space, or even as an extra living space for long term guests.

However, since most garages are initially only designed and built to function as a simple addition to the home, these spaces are often not insulated as well as the rest of the house is.

This means that the temperature in your garage can fluctuate between extremely hot in the summer and very cold in the winter and this can make the space unpredictable and possibly unpleasant if you use it often.

Are Frigidaire refrigerators “garage-ready”?

Since refrigerators are such major and important appliances in most homes, you may not be ready to get rid of your old refrigerator model completely when you upgrade to a new one.

This is why many owners decide to place their old refrigerator in their garage. This allows for more storage space for food, produce, and beverages.

However, the fact that garages are typically not as well-insulated as the rest of your home also means that most refrigerator models may not be able to work as effectively in this climate.

This means that if you want to find a Frigidaire refrigerator that is garage-ready, you need to find a model that can function properly in the abnormal temperatures that your garage may provide.

Some of the best Frigidaire refrigerators models that are marketed as being garage-ready to use in your garage include the Frigidaire FFTR1821TS, FFFU13F2VW, and the FFRU17B2QW models.

This is because these refrigerator models are designed to work in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and they possess many of the other characteristics that make refrigerators especially suited to use in a garage space.

However, you can increase the chances of another Frigidaire refrigerator working as it should in your garage, by purchasing a so-called “garage kit” that can help to protect your refrigerator from the temperatures in your garage.

What is the difference between temperatures in your home and your garage?

Most homes are extremely well insulted, since this helps to keep your energy bills low and gives you better control over the temperature inside your home, regardless of what the temperature on the outside of the house may be.

As a result, most homes never really get colder than 60 degrees Fahrenheit and also do not get hotter than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This also means that most refrigerators are only designed to work within the parameters of these moderate temperatures.

However, the temperatures in a garage that is not well-insulated can drop to below freezing or above 100 degrees in some areas.

This may not seem like a big deal, but since most refrigerator models, including those from Frigidaire that are not garage-ready, are not designed to work in these conditions, this can place strain on the system and it can cause a regular refrigerator to burn out or freeze over in the garage.

What to look for in a garage-ready Frigidaire refrigerator

It can be difficult to determine whether a Frigidaire refrigerator that is not explicitly labelled garage-ready workcamp operates properly in your garage. This is why it is important that you look out for the following characteristics:

  • Minimum temperature below 50 and maximum temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A stronger compressor and better insulation
  • Multiple internal thermostats and strong seals
  • Petite measurements to save space

What is a garage refrigerator kit and how can it help?

If you already have a Frigidaire refrigerator and you want a trick to make it garage-ready, a garage refrigerator kit that suits your Frigidaire refrigerator model is your best course of action.

Are Frigidaire refrigerators “garage-ready”?
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This kit basically consists of a heating coil that is placed near the thermostat of the refrigerator so that the compressor can run for longer, which will keep the inside of the refrigerator colder. However, this will increase the energy usage of the refrigerator.

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