Best portable air conditioner for vertical sliding windows

What portable AC brands are on Amazon, particularly that can be installed in a vertical sliding window and how do you choose the right features in a unit?


One of the biggest considerations to take when thinking of purchasing an air conditioning (AC) unit is the installation process. Depending on the type of air conditioner you are looking to buy, having the right components and home requirements to install it is going to be a factor of importance.

Some portable air conditioners will need a window to be able to operate, and this is for ventilation purposes. In the case of vertical windows, prospective buyers will be happy to know that there are portable units that can be installed in a vertical casement window and function pretty well.

Portable air conditioners and vertical sliding windows

Portable air conditioners are installed into a window through a ventilation hose and can be easily moved from one room to another.

A portable unit can also be installed in a vertical sliding window, as long as all components of the installation process are there.

When purchasing a portable unit to install in a sliding window, installation kits will usually be made to fit standard sized sliding windows, between 24 to 40 inches.

If customers happen to have bigger sliding windows, then they can easily purchase extension kits for a longer adapter.

Best portable air conditioner for vertical sliding windows

Should anyone be looking to shop around for portable air conditioners that are best for vertical sliding windows, Amazon will have some options to choose from.

When it comes to the installation of portable air conditioners, especially through vertical sliding windows, certain hardware is going to be needed to ensure that installation is properly done.

Since this process will involve the mounting of the unit’s hose through the sliding window, considering this will help you determine if this type of air conditioner is the best fit for you.

There are a number of different brands of portable air conditioners that are available on Amazon and can be installed in a vertical sliding window with ease.

When considering purchasing a portable air conditioner for a vertical sliding window, you will need to consider the size of the unit and the features to look for.

Brand Description Price

Black + Decker

Buy it on Amazon
– Quiet and powerful unit.

– 3-in-1 functionality with cooling, fan and dehumidifying modes.



Buy it on Amazon
– 8 000 BTU cooling power.

– Three operating modes (cooling, fan, dehumidifier).



Buy it on Amazon
Dual hose operation, cooling 500 square feet.

– Eco-friendly CFC free Green R-32 refrigerant.


Choosing the right size air conditioner

Installing your air conditioner in any way will require purchasing the right one. This is also the case when it comes to portable air conditioners that will be installed in a vertical sliding window.

The size will matter, not only in terms of the measurements of the unit but also in the British Thermal Units (BTU) output of the cooling capacity. Sliding window air conditioners will typically only come in two size outputs of 8 000 and 10 000 BTU and are able to cool rooms up to 350 to 450 square feet in size.

What are some features to consider in a sliding window air conditioner?

When considering a sliding window air conditioner, in this case, a portable unit for a vertical sliding window, you need to look for features such as the fan speed of a unit and its energy saver capabilities. An exhaust slider will be necessary in this case to open and close the exhaust hose.

Buyers will need to look for a unit’s dehumidification, especially how much it can hold before needing to be emptied, its digital controls, a timer in the unit, remote control technology and also Wi-Fi capabilities.

Using the exhaust slider for a portable unit

The exhaust slider is a switch found on some vertical units and it allows you to open and close an air conditioning unit’s exhaust.

When the exhaust is open, air can easily be vented from inside the house to the outside, allowing cleaner fresh air to enter.

When the exhaust is closed, current air in the room will not be vented out and will remain circulating with no fresh air coming in. Keeping the exhaust slider open is a way of allowing fresh air to enter while a unit works optimally.


Air conditioners will offer buyers a variety of options to choose from in a unit, as well as with the type of installation that works best or can cater to the needs of the buyer. The different ways of installing some units makes it easier for the buyers’ convenience.

Amazon has some of the best portable air conditioners that can be installed in a vertical sliding window. There are methods that will allow for this air conditioner to be installed correctly to deliver the best in cooling, in conditions that require extra care when it comes to installation.

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