How to install a window AC unit in a horizontal sliding window

Tips and considerations when it comes to installing an air conditioning unit in a horizontal sliding window safely, and the things to consider that could potentially go wrong.

Should you be thinking of purchasing an air conditioner (AC) for your home, but have horizontal sliding type windows, you may be wondering if it would be possible to have your air conditioner installed in one of your desired windows.

It is indeed possible to have an air conditioning unit installed in a horizontal sliding window. With specific steps to follow and some considerations, installing an air conditioner in a horizontal sliding window should not be a hassle if it is truly the way you choose to go.

How do you install a window AC unit in a horizontal sliding window?

One of the very first things to do when deciding that this is what you are going to do is to ensure that you properly measure your air conditioners width and height.

Be sure that this is inclusive of any vents that tend to protrude out from the sides, and also measure the opening of your window. When it comes to choosing a window, ensure that it is located close to a three-pronged outlet.

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Additionally, be sure to check the condition of the windowsill, making sure that it is strong enough to withstand the air conditioner and is not aged, fragile or damaged in any way.

You would then have to cut weatherstripping to stick onto the windowsill for the air conditioning unit to be placed on top of it.

Secure the support brackets to the projection of your window with screws, and then determine whether your AC unit needs a tilt or any levelling.

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It is important to follow instructions on how to put the bracket together and make sure it is positioned in the middle of your windowsill to prevent your unit from falling out.

You would then need to assemble your air conditioner. Now, this might require you including panels on the sides of your unit and on the top, which will help to case the AC and prevent warm air or allergens to enter your space.

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You would then need to close the gap by subtracting the height of your AC unit from the height of your chosen window.

This gap can be covered up with a plastic curtain that will usually come with your AC unit. Position your unit into the window opening to sit inside the bracket properly and securely.

What are some tips and safety considerations of installing a window AC unit in a horizontal sliding window?

It is recommended that whenever you intend to purchase an air conditioner, look for one with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 10 or more for better efficiency.

It is also important to know the British thermal units (BTU) of the AC unit, in order to determine whether your unit will be able to deliver the right amount of cooling capacity for the spaces you are looking to cool down.

Some air conditioning units might need a tilt to help against any condensation dripping down the walls of your home. The tilt will need to be half an inch in size, but checking the installation manual for what manufacturers recommend will be best too.

Other units will need a slant. Slants come with a drip pan installed in them, which are slanted to be able to allow the condensation to drip into.

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As a safety precaution, it is important to know that window AC units tend to be on the heavier side. So, make sure that you have assistance when it comes to lifting the unit and securing it in place, as injury is likely should you do this on your own.

What are some common issues of installing a window AC in a horizontal sliding window?

You need to ensure that the unit is the right size. Weight distribution is also something to consider, which is why installing brackets to help support the unit weight is recommended.

Should you not have any form of tilting for your air conditioner, then this will cause it not to drain properly, which could lead to complications as the condensation will have nowhere to drip and cause damage.

Some units are known to come with gutters and channels incorporated in them, so in that case, a tilt would not be necessary.

So, should you be considering having a window air conditioner installed in a horizontal sliding window, ensure that you have all the necessary information to make this possible without any complications arising, as this process will require extra precaution to be done right.

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