Can a window AC be used without a window?

It is possible to install a window unit without a window through other methods, as long as the unit can vent and portable units are a better alternative.

Window air conditioners can provide you with efficient cooling and are amongst some of the most affordable AC units you can find. Typically, these types of units need to be installed in an appropriate window, as this makes for a convenient setup that is out of your way, not taking up much space.

But what happens when you want to get a window air conditioner but do not have the right window in which to install the unit? Does this mean you have to settle for another type of air conditioner, or is there perhaps another way to install the window unit?

Window air conditioners without a window

Part of investing in a window air conditioning system is ensuring that you have a suitable window to place the unit in. The installation procedure requires a window unit to be fixed in a window that can withstand the weight of the air conditioner.

The window also needs to be able to have the unit positioned in a way that it can vent properly outside. Sometimes, people’s homes do not have an appropriate window for the unit to be securely installed.

So, can a window unit be used without a window?

Can a window AC be used without a window?

Technically, a window air conditioner should be installed in a window for it to work effectively. This is because the unit works by cycling hot air from the room it is cooling in order for it to cool the space efficiently.

But in cases where a home or a space does not have a suitable window for the unit to be placed in, it is still possible to use the air conditioner.

This method can only be used by people who do not mind the complex process of properly fitting the air conditioner and the long-term structural changes this brings with it.

An alternative to installing a window air conditioner in a window is to install it in a wall. Since a window unit needs to be vented outside for heat to be dispersed outside, the unit has to sit in an exterior wall so that water can drip from and be vented to the exterior.

Although this is achievable, it is not quite recommended due to the fact that the air conditioner may struggle to vent through the wall if it is too thick.

Another issue with this method is that the vents are located on the sides of most window units as well as the fact that installing in a wall will require you to cut out a hole big enough for the unit to fit into and still vent effectively, which leaves you with a hole in your wall.

Investing in a portable unit as the safest alternative

Portable air conditioners provide a safer alternative to a window air conditioner. These units also need a way to expel hot air for cooling to take place and this is done through the unit’s exhaust hose.

Fortunately, portable units do not need a window and can also be vented through a door, ceiling, or a small space in a wall.

If a portable unit seems like a better option for you instead of a window AC, then Amazon may have some portable units you can consider.

Portable AC’s and Plywood brands Description Amazon price
Craftiff Plywood

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·  Multi-ply composition ensures excellent strength and durability

·  Comes in 10 pieces

·  Saw is required for manual cutting

SereneLife Portable AC

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·  Lightweight, sleek body design

·  3 operating modes (cool, fan, dehumidifier)

·  Quiet operation

·  Includes window mount kit

Pro Breeze Portable AC

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·  Includes window-venting kit

·  Smart home Wi-Fi control

·  4-in-1 functionality cooling, fan, dehumidifier, sleep mode

Honeywell Portable AC

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·  11 000 BTU capable of cooling rooms of up to 500 square feet

·  Auto-evaporation in cooling mode

·  3 fan speeds and 24-hour energy-saving timer


Other ways of venting hot air without a window

People who are still dead set on having a window air conditioner in their home, even if they do not have an appropriate window to install the unit in, can get extra creative and either vent into their garages, where the heat and water are not much of an issue, or they can use ductwork or a conversion kit to channel the heat outside.

With these creative methods, you need to know what you are doing and be sure that the heat will be redirected outside. If you have any doubts, do not try this.

Window AC units and sliding windows

You might not have a solid big window into which to fit your air conditioner, and you might wonder whether it is possible to install your unit into a sliding window instead. This is possible but bear in mind that this would limit your use of the window.

The opening can be covered with a sheet of plywood that you can also find on Amazon. To build the frame for your AC you need two vertical pieces of wood and three horizontal pieces with the third piece on top.

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