Can aircon “Auto” mode harm the unit?

The “Auto” mode on your aircon will not harm the unit and it can actually make the unit more efficient and give you better humidity control.

The fan inside of your air conditioner (AC) circulates the air throughout the system, so that the aircon can cool it down and distribute it.

When your aircon is in “Auto” mode, this fan does not run continually as it does in the “On” mode, but this will not damage the unit and it will actually have some added benefits for the unit.

What does the fan in your aircon do?

An air conditioner has an array of moving parts that work together to cool down your space and make it more comfortable to live, work, and entertain in. The fan is just one part of this system, and it is responsible for the circulation of air in the system.

This allows your aircon to pull the warm air from your room and circulate it to the compressor where the heat and moisture is extracted.

The fan then also distributes the cooler air back into your room to systematically lower the temperature and humidity of the space.

Can aircon Auto mode harm the unit?

Understanding what the fan does within your AC is a crucial step in understanding how its Auto mode works and what affect this mode will have on your unit in the long term.

When your aircon is in the On mode instead of the Auto mode, the fan will run continually even though the compressor will cycle on and off as and when the room reaches the desired temperature.

When your air conditioner is in Auto mode, the fan will turn off with the compressor once the set temperature on the thermostat has been reached.

When your aircon is operating in Auto mode, the fan will only switch on when the temperature in your room increases slightly and the air conditioner needs to cool it down to your desired temperature again.

The fan will also turn on at varying speeds instead of running at the same, set speed, as it would in the On mode.

It may seem that the fan cycling on and off throughout the day should use more energy or cause additional wear and tear to your unit, but this is not true.

Many experts and AC technicians actually recommend that you run your aircon in Auto mode rather than On mode, because it will not harm the unit and it can have many benefits, such as better energy efficiency and more humidity control.

You can also use a smart thermostat to control your aircon settings remotely and to set your aircon to Auto mode when you need it to avoid damage to your unit.

How the “Auto” mode makes your aircon more energy-efficient

Running the air conditioner in Auto mode, where the fan only runs when the air conditioner is cooling, will mean that the aircon will use a lot less power than when it is operating in On mode.

On average, aircons cycle off about 30 percent of their running time. This means that your fan should use about 30 percent less power if it also cycles off with the compressor, as it does in Auto mode.

Not only can this be beneficial, because it will save you money in the long term on your electricity bill, but it also means less wear and tear for the fans, which means that instead of harming your unit, it may actually extend its life.

How the Auto mode gives you better humidity control with your aircon

When your AC is running in “Auto” mode, it will offer you improved humidity control, because the condensate that forms around the coils of your unit has time to drip off the coils into the drain pan when the fan stops working as it cycles off.

This does not harm your unit, because this is how the unit is designed to work. If your air conditioner runs in On mode where the fan runs continually, the new air that is blown over the coils can actually redistribute the moisture into your air before it is drained away.

How does a smart thermostat work with the “Auto” mode?

Smart thermostats can help you maximise the benefits of setting your aircon to Auto mode.

Smart thermostats, like this Cielo Breez Plus and this Google Nest Learning Thermostat can monitor the energy usage of your AC and can even allow you to schedule or access your air conditioner’s settings remotely.

Can aircon “Auto” mode harm the unit? Can aircon “Auto” mode harm the unit?
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This allows you to set the aircon to Auto at the best possible times and only when you need it to minimise potential damage to the unit.

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