Can I put a mini-split in my garage?

You can put a mini-split system in your garage to have better temperature control and to get more use out of the space if you size it correctly.

Mini-split units differ from other common heating and cooling solutions in that although the system consists of two main parts, it does not require any ductwork to be installed.

You can put a mini-split in your garage, as you will not have to install ductwork. This allows you to have greater control over the temperature of your space and to use the space more often.

How does a mini-split work?

Although mini-split systems are not as common as other heating and cooling solutions, this type of system can be a great solution for spaces that do not have ducts in place.

Mini-split units differ from single units like portable and window units because these types of systems have an indoor air handling unit, as well as an outdoor condenser unit.

In this way, mini-split systems work similarly to central air systems, except that they have lines set instead of a network of ducts and vents that need to be installed in your home or space.

Can I put a mini-split in my garage?

Even well-insulated garages tend to get extremely hot during the summer and very cold during the winter.

This is why homeowners, DIY-experts, and professionals have come up with a myriad of ways to cool and heat garage spaces. You can definitely put a mini-split in your garage to heat and cool the space.

The main concern for homeowners who are wondering whether they can put a mini-split system in their garage is usually whether a mini-split will have the capacity to really make a difference cooling or heating-wise within the space or not.

Fortunately, as long as you have the right BTU-to-garage-size ratio, a mini-split system will work just as efficiently in your garage as any other heating or cooling system.

Another common concern may be whether or not you can install a mini-split in your garage by yourself.

The good thing about installing a mini-split system, is that although you may need a professional to help you with the electrical work, you do not have to design and build any ductwork to get the system up and running.

In addition to that, since your garage is a single, external room, this will allow you to install the outdoor compressor unit quite close to the indoor unit.

Besides the fact that you can put a mini-split system in your garage, it is also important that you understand the reasons why you should install a mini-split in your garage.

This includes that you have additional temperature control and the opportunity to use your garage more often.

How to size the mini-split for your garage

Garages are often not as well-insulated as the other parts or rooms of your home, and this means that hot air can get in through potential gaps around the walls and the windows.

Cars and heavy-duty equipment also generate more heat than there would normally be in a living room or bedroom space.

As a result, you may have to install a mini-split unit with slightly more BTUs than recommended if you want to put it in your garage, such as:

Type of garage Estimated size Estimated BTU required for mini-split system
Single car garage About 240 square feet 9000 to 12000 BTU
Double car garage About 360 square feet 12000 to 18000 BTU
Three-car garage About 704 square feet 18000 to 24000 BTU

How effective is it to put a mini-split in your garage?

One of the well-known advantages of using a mini-split unit in your garage over a portable or window unit is that mini-split systems tend to be quite energy-efficient.

This means that you can run your mini-split all day long if you want to. However, running a mini-split unit all day will not help if it is not effective at cooling your space.

Most mini-split systems can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit inside your garage, even when outside temperatures fluctuate from 115 degrees to 30 degrees in different seasons.

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Like this Commercial Cool system, which can maintain a temperature of between 60 and 90 degrees throughout all of the seasons.

Why you should put a mini-slit in your garage

The additional effective temperature control that putting a mini-split AC unit in your garage can give you allows you to use your garage more often and for more things.

More stable temperatures will enable you to store sensitive items in your garage, but it will also allow you to use the space more for exercising, as a workshop, or even as an entertainment space.

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