How much to install mini-split in garage?

To estimate how much it will cost you to install a mini-split system in your garage, you must consider different factors about the unit and the installation process.

There are many benefits to installing a mini-split system in your home, including the fact that no additional ductwork is needed, and you get added temperature control.

How much it costs to install a mini-split unit in your garage will depend on a few factors, like the price of your unit, labour and parts, the number of zones, the location, and extra costs.

The benefits of mini-split systems

Mini-split systems are becoming increasingly popular because they give homeowners who do not want to or cannot install vents and ducts in their home the opportunity to enjoy all of the comforts that come with whole-home air conditioning.

Aside from the fact that mini-splits tend to be simpler to install than central air systems, this kind of system also gives you greater control over the heating and cooling of individual rooms within your home.

This means that this system gives you the ability to set the temperature of individual rooms in your home.

How much to install mini-split in garage?

Mini-split air conditioners can be a very useful appliance throughout your home or space. However, many owners have found that installing a mini-split system in their garage is a great way to control the temperature within the space.

This is because mini-split units do not require that you install ductwork and vents in your garage like central air systems do, but the mini-split systems are still effective enough to keep your garage a reasonable temperature throughout the year as outside temperatures fluctuate.

Although there can be so many benefits to installing a mini-split system in your garage, the price of this installation is often a cause for concern.

The installation costs for each individual job differ based on the cost of a few factors, but these estimated costs can be summarised as follows:

Factor Estimated lower-end cost Estimated higher-end cost
Purchase price of the unit $1000 $4000
Labour and parts $300 $1500
Number of zones $2000 to $8000 (for a single zone) $2700 to $10300 and more (for multiple zones)
Unit location $400 (for wall-mounted indoor units) $4000 (for floor-mounted units)
Extra costs for upgrades needed (like extending wiring, refrigerant lines, upgrading the electrical box and pouring a concrete slab) $5 $1100 and more
Total: $3705 $13300

From this table, it is evident that the factors that can have the largest influence on your overall installation cost after you have purchased the unit are the number of zones, the unit’s location, and any extra costs that you may incur during the installation process.

How the number of zones can affect the cost of installing a mini-split unit in your garage

Mini-split systems consist of one outdoor condenser unit and one or more indoor air-handling unit.

The installation cost of a single indoor unit can range between $2000 and $8000 for a single indoor room or “zone”, but this increases with $700 to $2300 for each additional indoor unit if you have additional zones.

When you are trying to determine how much it will cost to install a mini-split unit in your garage, the one positive aspect is that most garages only require one indoor unit or “head”.

This will make your overall installation cost much less than it would be for a home where the mini-split system has to cool multiple rooms.

How unit location can influence how much it costs to install a mini-split in your garage

One of the other factors that make mini-split air conditioners so ideal for garage spaces is that the indoor unit can be mounted on the wall where it is out of the way.

However, a contractor will also be able to install your mini-split systems in other ways or places if this will work better in your garage space.

Each of these unit locations will come at different prices depending on the intricacy of the installation process, some of which are:

Unit location Estimated cost
Outdoor condenser unit $1000 to $6000
Wall-mounted indoor unit $400 to $1000
Ceiling-mounted indoor unit $700 to $2000
Floor-mounted indoor unit $1300 to $4000

Extra installation costs for a mini-split system in a garage

There are a number of additional costs that your contractor may charge you separately, and this may end up influencing your overall installation cost for the mini-split system in your garage, including:

Extra cost Estimated cost
Refrigerant line $5 to $8 (per linear foot)
Wiring $6 to $8 (per linear foot)
Upgrading of the electrical panel $1100
Installing a concrete area for the outdoor condenser $75 to $300

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