Split AC unit installation cost

The costs of having a split air conditioner installed in your home and the factors that influence the cost of installation to be taken into consideration.

Should you be considering purchasing a split air conditioning unit for your home, it may be a great idea to first consider the costs of having it installed into your home, as well the cost of the unit itself.

Comparing prices will help you to make the best decision to suit your cooling needs as well as for your budget. There are also other factors to consider that will contribute to how much installing a split air conditioning unit will cost you.

What are the price ranges of having a split air conditioner installed?

The typical price range of having a new ductless mini-split air conditioner installed in your home can range between $2 000 to $ 14 500.

One of the benefits of a ductless air conditioner compared to a central one, is that the ductless mini-split air conditioning system can cost up to 50 percent less, while the cost of having a central air conditioner can cost between $3 800-$7 500.

For a mini-split unit, you can expect to pay between $1 500-$4 000 but do anticipate that the cost of labour and the installation will increase the price.

Indoor wall or ceiling-mounted units can range from $400 to about $1 800. Multiple indoor units and units which require complicated installations of mini-split air conditioning systems can cost you over $2 000. However, depending on your budget, there are different types of mini-split air conditioners that you can get for your specified budget.

A basic model can cost you about $2 000-$3 000, including labour. With this model you could get both the outdoor unit, and indoor wall mount to cool a single room. For a mid-range ductless mini-split unit, you can anticipate paying about $4 000 including labour. With this option, you could afford to get more indoor wall mounts to cool more than one room for your home.

The top-of-the-line units can cost you up to $6 000 and over with labour, with the highest cost for the best in split air conditioning systems costing you up to $14 500. This higher cost will afford you a highly efficient, high end model able to cool multiple rooms, even close to eight in total.

What factors will influence the cost of installing a split air conditioning unit?

The size of a ductless mini-split air conditioner system can play a role in how much it will cost you. Installation costs are usually determined by the size of the system you wish to install.

Since ductless systems can run about 30 percent more than a new ducted system, and almost twice as much as a standalone window air conditioner, taking into consideration your energy bill will help while budgeting for the long-term.

The location is also a factor. The more rooms you may be looking to cool, the more you may have to pay for the installation of any additional indoor units needed to cool extra rooms. In this case, it is also advisable to consider that rooms on higher floors will also need extra installation accessories.

You may also need to hire different contractors aside from your professional HVAC contractor. Split air conditioning installation may need a local electrician, and a local carpenter may be required to cut a three inch hole for the refrigerant lines for each unit.

Are mini-split air conditioners efficient and will they add value to your home?

Whether a ductless mini-split air conditioning unit is efficient or not will depend on its seasonal energy efficiency ratio. If this ratio is higher, this will mean that the unit will offer better efficiency and lower the costs of your energy bill.

It is important to compare your prices before settling on the unit you get according to how much you can afford. Installing a ductless mini-split air conditioner can add value to your home, as it can be a good way of enjoying your home while you are still in it.

Furthermore, when the time comes to sell your home, the value would have increased, serving as an added perk to a potential buyer and increasing your return on the sale. The Daikin mini-split inverter air conditioner is available on Amazon as well as the Commercial Cool mini-split air conditioner for $1 908.

So before deciding to purchase a ductless mini-split air conditioner for your home, it is crucial to do your research into what will suit your budget range when it comes to installation, as well as finding a unit that will deliver all your needs.

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