Common issues with DeLonghi portable air conditioners

A closer look at some of the common issues customers experience with DeLonghi portable air conditioning units, and how resetting and draining your unit could help.


There are many air conditioners on the market and each of them are well suited to different spaces and customer preferences.

Portable air conditioners are known to offer convenience for their design as they are portable, so they can be moved between different rooms or spaces easily.

DeLonghi is a popular brand of air conditioners, and they have a variety of units for people to choose from. Before purchasing a DeLonghi portable air conditioning unit, one might want to look into common issues that can arise with some of DeLonghi’s portable AC units.

DeLonghi portable air conditioner issues

Before investing in any valuable household appliance, it is best to weigh up your options and do research on the quality of the appliance and its reviews from people’s experiences using it.  The same applies for those considering purchasing a DeLonghi portable air conditioner.

It can be insightful to find out what other people have experienced with DeLonghi portable air conditioners, as this gives you an idea of what you, too, can possibly expect and whether the DeLonghi portable unit is actually worth it.

Common issues with a DeLonghi portable air conditioner

Depending on the model of the DeLonghi portable air conditioner, there are some common issues that customers experience with these products.

These negative reviews can help you determine if you should go ahead and purchase a DeLonghi unit at all or opt for a better model with better reviews.

Some common issues customers complain about with DeLonghi portable units include that they tend to leak water, do not cooling rooms or spaces efficiently, exhaust venting issues, not switching on or breaking, issues with rattling and loud noises, and units shutting off on their own.

These are but some of the issues customers complain about with DeLonghi portable air conditioners. The most common of these issues is leakages.

Unfortunately, to this end, bad customer service from DeLonghi seems like another pressing issue customers experience when they need assistance with their faulty or broken units.

How to drain your DeLonghi portable air conditioner

With leakages being one of the most recurring issues experienced by customers, it might help to know how you can manually drain your unit periodically, if necessary, to avoid leakages.

You need to remove the tank from the back by removing the back panel and carefully pulling out the drain tray. Ensure that the unit is turned off before doing this to avoid creating a buzzing noise.

Pour the water out of the condensation tray and re-insert it to turn on again.

Other common issues DeLonghi portable units can have

Other issues that are encountered with DeLonghi portable units include the unit giving off a foul smell. This can be caused by a development of mould and mildew forming on the inside of your portable unit.

You will need to clean the drain with a water and soap solution or a bit of bleach. You may also need to inspect the coils in case they need to be cleaned.

Flashing warning lights indicate air filter issues or warn about water leakage.

Resetting your DeLonghi air conditioner

If you start encountering any of the mentioned issues with your DeLonghi portable air conditioner, you can try to resolve the issue yourself first, which may involve attempting to reset your unit entirely.

To do this, you need to unplug the unit from the power outlet and allow it to sit for around five minutes, as this will give the control board time to completely reset.

Then plug the unit back in and turn it on again. Check the thermostatic conditions and see if it will eventually cool.

Final thoughts

Investing in an air conditioning unit is a big investment, so you are going to want to get the best deal when it comes to the quality of a unit, customer satisfaction, and efficient performance. Before purchasing your air conditioner, you should be sure that it will deliver.

For those considering purchasing a DeLonghi portable unit, there are some common issues picked up by customers that you should bear in mind.

These can be serious and can affect your overall experience with your DeLonghi portable air conditioner. Water leakages, insufficient cooling, power issues, and noises are all problems you want to avoid.

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