Is Delonghi a good portable air conditioner brand?

Delonghi is a reputable brand for air conditioners and looking at the reviews of some of their units can help you find a dependable AC.

Portable air conditioners offer people that cannot install larger window, wall, or mini-split systems in their spaces the convenience of a unit that is smaller and easier to use as well as to move around to cool down different rooms. Their portability allows them to be placed in any suitable space.

Delonghi is one of the brands that manufacture portable air conditioners. If you want to purchase a Delonghi portable AC unit, it is important that you look into whether or not they are a good brand for portable air conditioners and if that investment will be worth it for you.

Delonghi portable air conditioners

Delonghi is one of the most popular brands in the portable air conditioner market. It has a number of portable AC units, but not all of them are particularly great quality.

This is why it is important to compare some of the brand’s portable units to see how they measure up as portable cooling systems and what some people who have bought them have to say about these units in their reviews.

Products can be unpredictable and Delonghi is not exempt from this, so what are the good and bad qualities of Delonghi portable units?

Is Delonghi a good portable air conditioner brand?

There is no perfect portable air conditioner as even the best ones can run into some trouble, which is beyond one’s control. It is, however, important to be able to rely on an air conditioner.

Delonghi makes a variety of portable air conditioners, but they tend to get mixed reviews in terms of the issue’s owners encounter.

The best-rated Delonghi air conditioner is the PACN285GN model, which scores a pretty impressive 4.5 stars with 71 percent of customers giving it 5 stars.

Its counterpart, the Delonghi PAC A120E model, has a score of only 2.5 stars out of 5, and it is the poorest from the range of Delonghi portable units on offer. A significant 40 percent of customers who own this unit gave it a 1-star rating, with only 16 percent giving it 5 stars.

Some of the worst customer reviews leave much to be desired with Delonghi portable air conditioners, but if you want a good unit, going through a list of portable air conditioning units with better ratings and reviews may be your best bet.

That being said, Delonghi portable units are notably better quality than others, but when you look at some of the ratings of different portable units, you may notice that there are some common problems that can arise with Delonghi portable units, including issues with how loud the units are during operation, units leaking water, and the units not cooling the rooms efficiently, amongst other issues.

So, doing your research is key when it comes to purchasing an air conditioner unit.

Delonghi portable air conditioners and water leaks

Be careful not to get a unit with reviews that contain water leakage issues. Delonghi seems to get a lot of slack from customers complaining about their portable units leaking water, when they are meant to be drip-free.

Always check the specifications of the portable air conditioner to determine its potential for easy water leakage. But also bear in mind that the units may need to be drained, depending on whether the water tank requires manual draining.

While the Delonghi PAC A120E is notorious for water leaks in reviews, very few of the positive reviews mention any water leaking issues, and one customer reported that they have yet to encounter water leaks with their unit, and that it does a great job at cooling.

Reliability of some Delonghi portable units can be poor

Reliability also seems to be a common issue with some Delonghi units. Customers are noted expressing disappointment at how quickly their units lasted, with the PAC A120E unit lasting for only two to three years for one customer before it broke completely, and another 10 000 BTU unit only lasting a customer from 2017 to 2019.

In another review of the same 10 000 BTU Delonghi unit, some customers noted that their units had lasted them over five years, with another having lasted three years after its purchase date, with no issues since.

Delonghi portable units can be loud

If you want a cooling experience from a unit that is not a loud cooling system, then you should pay attention to the reviews about the noise levels of Delonghi units.

Noise is another issue that seems to trouble Delonghi customers, while others enjoy the unit, despite the fact that they can be a bit noisy.

The sound a unit produces can take away from the cooling experience significantly, since nobody likes an air conditioner that is loud. This is another downside of Delonghi portable units if you do not pick your unit carefully.

At the end of the day, certain people will have better experiences with their Delonghi air conditioners, but the fact remains that Delonghi does produce good portable units, even though some people have bad experiences with their units.

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