Do RVs have air conditioning?

Looking into the best RV air conditioning options to suit all of your summer time travelling needs, whether it be rooftop AC’s or portable floor air conditioning units.

Should you be planning an RV road trip over the summer period, it would definitely be worth knowing whether or not RVs come equipped with a good air conditioning system. This way, you can ensure that your summer road trip is as cool as it can be, making for an excellent and comfortable journey no matter the heat.

RVs most certainly do come with their own pre-installed air conditioning systems, to ensure optimal cooling of the confined space you are in whilst travelling.

What types of air conditioners do RVs have?

Some RVs come with one air conditioner on the ceiling, while others come with dashboard air conditioning systems as well. Most RVs are said to boast more than one air conditioner, with two or even three air conditioners in one RV.

It is actually not common to find an RV without any form of air conditioning, as this is a standard feature of almost every automobile or mobile mode of transport. RV air conditioners are usually quiet, well-incorporated and efficient.

They are also generally very reliable, and in the rare event that you may come across one without a built-in air conditioner, there are ways in which you can install one yourself.

RVs have built-in conditioners, but these do not run on the engine power of the RV alone. An RV must typically be running on a generator as they require a large amount of energy to run. This is because air conditioners are known to work on a special generator feature called AC Power.

This power is known to come from a typically 120 volt socket in sources such as home electricity and portable generators. Air conditioners can also run on gas generators too, which are often costly to refill.

RVs installed with dashboard air conditioners will run whenever the vehicle is on. Dashboard air conditioners are, however, noted to not be as powerful as those that are able to be connected to the generator, but can deliver a reasonably adequate amount of cooling for the RV while it is on the move.

What are some RV air conditioning units available for purchase on Amazon?

Dometic Brisk II  Rooftop Air cooler

Amazon offers a variety of rooftop air conditioners for RVs, including the Dometic Brisk II  Rooftop Air cooler, available in white or black. The Dometic Brisk can come in the 13,500 BTU (British Thermal Units) or the 15 000 BTU, offering a voltage of 110 volts and a wattage of 2 800 watts.

Dometic Penguin II Low Profile Upper Unit RV air conditioner

The Dometic Penguin II Low Profile Upper Unit RV air conditioner is another option available on Amazon. It offers a BTU performance of 11 000, comes in the colour black with a universal fit with manual, electronic and wall thermostat controls and delivers an optimum balance of air flow.

Dometic Penguin II 410 Amp Low Profile Rooftop air conditioner

The Dometic Penguin II 410 Amp Low Profile Rooftop air conditioner comes in the colours white and black, offering a 13 500 BTU performance as well as a high capacity performance option. It also offers you 120 volts of voltage and 3 000 watts with an input voltage of 115 volts. The Dometic Penguin II 410 gives you an amperage of 410 amps.

Dometic Blizzard NXT 15.0 Black Upper air conditioner

The Dometic Blizzard NXT 15.0 Black Upper air conditioner, on the other hand, offers a high capacity output fan and motor design, as well as a 350 CFM (cubic feet per metre) blower.

What is a Camper air conditioner and how does it work in an RV?

Now, although rooftop air conditioners are the most common and popular RV AC option, they are not the only ones to choose from. For some RVers who may be driving vintage rigs, these will not come with pre-installed rooftop air conditioning units, which is why it is possible for them to invest in a ventless, portable indoor air conditioning unit like the Honeywell MN12CES.

The Honeywell is a small floor model which can be surprisingly powerful and come with added benefits, such as dehumidifiers. They are usually more affordable and do not require any complicated setting up, but they will unfortunately take up some floor space in the RV.

The only downer to floor units is the fact that they tend to take up extra space on an already limited-spaced RV. They are also known to release fumes that can pose some risks if they are not properly ventilated.

So should you choose to go the rooftop route or opt for a cheaper floor air conditioning unit, doing your research is key in determining what works best.

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