Do you have to run a Frigidaire air conditioner on Eco before using Cool?

Your Frigidaire air conditioner will automatically start in Eco mode when you turn it on, but you can switch to run on Cool mode whenever you want.

Frigidaire air conditioners are dependable and effective, which has made this brand a popular choice amongst consumers.

In order to be more energy-efficient, Frigidaire sets their air conditioners to start in Eco mode, but fortunately, this can be switched off if you prefer Cool mode.

However, there are various advantages and disadvantages about “Eco” mode to consider before you change the mode.

About Frigidaire air conditioners

The Frigidaire brand is owned by Electrolux, and it sells various cooling, heating, and other HVAC products to customers around the world.

Over the years, Frigidaire has created many different air conditioners, but their most popular models are the window air conditioners, some of which are the 8000 BTU model, upright window model, and 10000 BTU model.

These Frigidaire air conditioners are popular because they have gained a reputation for being reliable and effective when it comes to cooling the temperature of a room, even though they are not as noisy or expensive as other brands.

Do you have to run a Frigidaire air conditioner on Eco before using Cool?

Although Frigidaire air conditioners are known for being effective, it is also a well-known fact that air conditioners use a lot of power to start and operate.

In fact, air conditioners require about double their normal wattage just to start up when you first switch them on, and then they return to their regular, high-energy usage after that.

This means that air conditioners are not very energy-efficient appliances. To help counteract this, Frigidaire included an Eco energy-saving mode on their air conditioners. When the air conditioner operates on this mode, it will not be continuously running and will use less power overall.

Most Frigidaire air conditioner models automatically start in Eco mode, as this mode is aimed at helping customers be more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious when they are using their air conditioners.

Thus, in this case, you should run your Frigidaire air conditioner on Eco mode while it starts up, and then you can switch it to Cool mode, since your air conditioner was programmed in the factory to start up this way to use less power.

However, you can switch your AC to Cool mode as soon as the display panel and system is booted up, by following a few simple steps.

It can also be helpful to understand what exactly Eco mode is and what the pros and cons are for operating your air conditioner in this mode, to help you to decide how long you want to wait before switching to Cool mode while using your unit.

How to switch from Eco mode to Cool mode

Some Frigidaire air conditioner models have “Eco” as an additional mode alongside the “Fan Only” and “Cool” modes. In this case, you can cycle through these options by pressing the “Mode” button.

This will allow you to select the “Cool” mode after your Frigidaire air conditioner has started in Eco mode.

Other Frigidaire models have “Cool” as an additional setting on top of the “Fan only”, “Cool”, and “Dry” modes.

This means that your unit will automatically start with the Cool mode and Eco selected. In this case, you can turn the Eco setting off by pressing the “Eco” button until the light goes off.

What does Eco mode mean?

The “Eco” mode on any of the Frigidaire air conditioner models stands for “economic” and when your air conditioner runs in this mode, it will save power by not running the compressor and fan continuously.

In the Eco mode, your air conditioner only uses the fan for about three minutes after the desired temperature has been reached and the compressor has shut off.

After this, the fan will only turn on for a few minutes, every 10 minutes. When the room becomes too warm, the compressor turns back on again and the process will start over.

The pros and cons of Eco mode

The Eco mode is set as a default setting because it can make your Frigidaire air conditioner much more energy-efficient.

This mode means lower energy consumption, which in return, contributes to reduced environmental impact, as it helps decrease overall energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower energy consumption also mean lower electricity bills, especially during periods of moderate temperatures when the air conditioner doesn’t need to work at maximum capacity.

However, some customers have found that the Eco mode does not work well in hotter areas, as the room gets too hot before the compressor turns back on again, and then the fan blows very cold air for a short period of time.

This on-off cycle, or temperature fluctuations may not be suitable for those who prefer a more constant and immediate cooling effect.

This can be ineffective and annoying and is also why it is easy to switch from Eco mode to Cool mode.

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  1. I live in Miami, FL. I am so pleased with my Frigidaire AC. I set my AC on Eco and Auto. It is like winter inside in spite of the extreme temperatures outside. I can have my temperature set any where from 69-72 degrees. I also noticed that my three neighbors switched what they had to Frigidaire.🎉😀

  2. The Frigidaire air conditioner keeps going back to Eco mode on its own, and Eco mode is not cool at all. Old people can die from this. This “forced” Eco mode is not only a lawsuit waiting to happen, but also brand destroying. i.e. I will never get another Frigidaire again and I will tell everyone I know not to get one.


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