E8 code on Frigidaire air conditioner

If your Frigidaire air conditioner is displaying an E8 error code, this means that it is overheating because of an underlying issue.

The error codes that are  displayed on air conditioners sometimes serve a much bigger purpose than stopping you from using the unit.

The E8 code, which is displayed on Frigidaire air conditioners, for instance, indicates that the air conditioner is overheating. This means that there might be a problem with the airflow one of the unit’s components.

Why do air conditioners have error codes?

You may have panicked the first time that you saw your new air conditioner (AC) displaying an error code.

But although these error codes always seem to pop up at the worst possible times, they are actually meant to help you diagnose and fix underlying issues with your air conditioner.

Specific error codes are usually linked to specific errors, or even to specific components.

This means that when there is something wrong with the way that your unit is operating, you will not have to spend hours troubleshooting to find the root cause of this problem (like you would without the error code), and you, or the professional assisting you, can dive right into fixing the problem, instead.

E8 code on Frigidaire air conditioner

Air conditioner errors and faults will vary from one brand to the next and can even vary between different models within the same brand.

This is why it is always important to check with your manufacturer or a qualified HVAC repair technician if your air conditioner is displaying an error code.

If your air conditioner is displaying an E8 error code, this usually signifies that the air conditioner is overheating.

The E8 error code is usually only displayed when your air conditioner is trying to protect its components from excessively high temperatures and the damage that these temperatures can cause.

Air conditioners can overheat for varying reasons, but this issue is most often caused by a problem with the airflow. Ample airflow is one of the most important parts of the air conditioning process.

However, if dirty air filters or other blockages are preventing your Frigidaire air conditioner from taking in enough air, all of the other components will have to work harder to extract enough warm air, and this may cause them to overheat.

In some cases, this E8 error will be displayed by mistake and switching your air conditioner off, and then back on again after a few minutes, should get rid of the message entirely.

Unfortunately, your air conditioner may also be overheating because of a mechanical or electrical issue with one of its components.

So if airflow does not seem to be a problem for your AC, you may need to contact a professional to investigate why this error is being displayed.

Cleaning your air filters

The dirt and debris that builds up on the air filters of your air conditioner can block the airflow into the AC and to other components over time.

This is why it is so important to ensure that you clean these filters regularly (approximately once every two weeks).

To do this, you simply need to turn off the air conditioner and remove the filters before cleaning the filter gently with a soft brush and lukewarm water.

Then, let the filter dry completely in an upright position before placing it back in its correct position.

Other reasons why the airflow may be blocked

There are plenty of things, besides dirty air filters, which could be preventing your air conditioner from extracting or releasing enough air.

This includes things like dirt, leaves and other debris which may get stuck to the vents on the outside casing of your air conditioner.

It also includes things like furniture, drapes, curtains, pillows and other décor items that may be too close to your air conditioner and may be blocking the airflow from the outside of the unit.

Knowing when it is time to call a professional

Resetting your Frigidaire air conditioner and fixing any possible issues with airflow can be great ways to fix the E8 error code on your own.

However, if these troubleshooting solutions did not work or if you suspect that the overheating may be caused by an issue with the compressor, the fan motor, or one of the AC’s other important components, then it is safest to call a professional for assistance.

You should also consider calling a professional if your air conditioner is less than five years old, as these parts may still be covered under your warranty agreement.

Especially since tampering with the unit on your own could render this warranty null and void.

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