Frigidaire window air conditioner not cooling

The correct settings and a deep clean should help to fix the underlying issues if your Frigidaire window air conditioner is not cooling.

Underlying air conditioner issues can vary from less serious issues which can be fixed quite quickly, to very serious issues that require professional help.

If your Frigidaire window air conditioner is not cooling, this is most likely because of a less serious issue, which can be solved with a change of settings or a thorough cleaning.

Types of air conditioner issues

Air conditioners are complex appliances, and they usually require that many different components work together in tandem, in order to cool down your space.

Although this (hopefully) does not happen too often, it does mean that there is ample opportunity for issues to crop up within the system.

Air conditioner issues vary greatly in terms of complexity and severity. While some of the common air conditioner issues can be fixed with a simple deep cleaning, other issues like major mechanical failures and electrical malfunctions will likely need professional repairs.

Frigidaire window air conditioner not cooling

There are few things more frustrating than realizing that your Frigidaire window air conditioner is no longer blowing out cold air, or it is taking much longer than it used to to cool your space.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to some, your air conditioner not cooling is not necessarily a reason to throw in the towel on the unit, as it may not even be that serious of an issue, to begin with.

For starters, your control panel or remote control may have been bumped, which may have changed your preferred settings.

This is why checking your settings should always be your first course of action when your air conditioner is not operating like it used to.

There are also many other possible reasons why your Frigidaire window air conditioner is not cooling. The most common of these reasons is a lack of airflow throughout the unit.

In order for an air conditioner to cool a space effectively, the unit needs to be able to extract warm air, blow this warm air over its coils, and then expel both cooler air (back into your space) and excess warm air out (outside).

If dirty air filters, dirty coils or dirty vents are preventing air from flowing freely to other components, this could be why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air.

Ensure that you have the correct settings

Your first troubleshooting step should always be to ensure that your Frigidaire window air conditioner is operating in the “Cool” mode.

It is also important to make sure that your desired temperature is set lower than the ambient temperature of your room.

An indoor thermometer, like the ThermoPro TP55, can help you determine what the ambient temperature of your space is, and it can also help you to ensure that you are not using your air conditioner when the temperatures drop below 62°F (the minimum temperature for the Frigidaire models).

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What you will need to clean your window air conditioner

Giving your window air conditioner a good old deep cleaning is an effective way to solve many underlying issues. This process is not very difficult, and it only requires a few materials, which are:

How to clean your window air conditioner’s filters, coils and casing

Cleaning your Frigidaire window air conditioner is a crucial maintenance step which can extend the life of the unit and can be done with the unit installed in the wall or by removing it entirely.

All you need to do is to complete the following steps:

Process Description
Step 1: Switch off power to the unit Turn off your air conditioner and unplug it before you start
Step 2: Remove and clean the air filters Remove the air filters from the front of the unit, spray them with the soapy water mixture and lightly scrub to get rid of any remaining dirt. Then rinse and set it aside to dry.
Step 3: Remove the casing Remove all of the front, side and back panels on the unit and give them a scrub if necessary. Set aside to dry.
Step 4: Clean the coils Spray down the condenser and evaporator coils with the soapy water mixture and scrub very carefully if necessary, before rinsing. Be careful not to wet the electrical components and fan motor.
Step 5: Reassemble the unit Wait for all the components to dry thoroughly before reassembling the entire air conditioner.

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