How many BTU in a 1 – 8 ton air conditioner?

This article will talk about the definition of the term “ton of refrigerant”, the derivation of that term, and how many BTU does a ton of air conditioner has.

We will then proceed to define the term “ton of air conditioning” and give a table of air conditioners with different tonnage and their value in BTU.

What is a ton of refrigeration?

Refrigeration systems are mostly rated in tons of refrigeration and this terminology is used widely in all parts of the world.

One ton of refrigeration is equal to 12,000 BTU/hour or approximately 35.167 kW.

This means 12,000 BTU/hrs is the amount of heat required to melt one ton of ice in 24 hours.

The cooling systems may be normally specified in kW or in Btu/h. The Btu/h rating is the amount of heat that will be removed from the space in one hour by the air conditioner.

The idea started when ice manufacturers wanted an easy way of understanding the size of a refrigeration system in terms of the production of ice.

Tons to BTU table for air conditioner

Here’s the table of how many BTU there is for specific ton of your air conditioner.

How many BTU to 1 ton AC Tonnage BTU
How many BTU to 1 ton AC 12,000 BTU
How many BTU to 1.5 ton AC 18,000 BTU
How many BTU to 2 ton AC 24,000 BTU
How many BTU to 2.5 ton AC 30,000 BTU
How many BTU to 3 ton AC 36,000 BTU
How many BTU to 4 ton AC 48,000 BTU
How many BTU to 5 ton AC 60,000 BTU
How many BTU to 6 ton AC 72,000 BTU
How many BTU to 7 ton AC 84,000 BTU
How many BTU to 8 ton AC 96,000 BTU

To calculate manually, use this formula:

We now know that 1 ton = 12,000 BTU. Hence,

12,000 x [Your AC tonnage] = # of BTUs

Say you have 1.5 tons in your AC, then the number of BTU will be:

  • 12,000 x 1.5 = 18,000 BTU

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