How to clean an aircon filter

Understanding how to clean your aircon filter and why it is considered one of the most important maintenance tasks to ensure your unit is functioning at its best.

Should you own an air conditioner (AC) in the Philippines, you will know that in order to ensure that it is running efficiently and delivering at its optimum, it will need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

All the components of your air conditioner will need to be checked to ensure that they are clean, and any build-up of dirt will result in their lack of performance and malfunctioning, leading to your whole unit not functioning at its best.

This can result in your unit getting damaged and possibly no longer working. Ensuring that your air filter is clean is one of the most important components of your air conditioner, as it is key to having a well-functioning air conditioner.

How to clean your aircon air filter

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In order to clean your air conditioner filter, you need to dissemble your air conditioning unit to find your air filter. Before dissembling the unit, you will need to ensure that the unit is fully switched off for safety sake, and to avoid electrocution.

You will then have to open the air conditioners front grille in order to locate the air filter of the unit. Once you have found the air filter, you will need to safely remove it from the unit to prepare it for cleaning.

In order to clean your air filter, you will need to get a water and soap solution ready. Your mixture will need to have mild soap and lukewarm water. You will need to wash the filter gently, using this solution and then follow by rinsing with water.

When that is done, you can put the air filter out somewhere where it can dry off thoroughly, before you can reinstall it back into the air conditioning unit. You will also be required to clean the front cover or panel of the unit.

This is achieved by wiping off any build-up of dust and dirt with a sponge that has been soaked in the same lukewarm water and soap solution used to wash the air filter. Dry it down and reinstall the air filter once it is fully dry and clean.

 How often should you clean an aircon filter and why?

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Cleaning the air conditioner filter and replacing it when necessary is one of the most important parts of maintaining your unit and making sure that it is performing at its best all the time. This needs to be done regularly.

When the air filter accumulates too much dirt and dust, it can lead to it becoming blocked and eventually clogging up, leading to a blockage in proper airflow.

When the airflow is not is experiencing a blockage, this will in turn affect the air conditioner’s ability to cool down the room. It will also use up more electricity for trying to work extra hard due to the block in airflow.

When there is an obstruction in airflow, the air that will manage to travel through may carry with it some dirt that will be transported to other components of the unit, such as the evaporator coil, which will then decrease the coil’s ability to soak up heat. This will lead to your unit using more electricity to keep the room at a certain temperature.

A filthy aircon filter can also lead to an accumulation of particles being carried in the air, which can lead to some health concerns for you and your family. These include irritation of the skin, asthma, irritation of the eyes and a range of breathing problems on top of that.

So, ensuring that your aircon filters are always in the perfect condition will help you to avoid many different problems that may occur with your air conditioner’s functioning capabilities, as well as with your health.

Where to get aircon filters in case you need to replace one

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Lazada has a variety of air conditioner filters should you be looking to purchase one to replace your air conditioning unit.

The Pre-Cut Activated Carbon Air Filter for Aircon and Air Purifier is one, and it is available for ₱150. It can remove any bad odours and dust lingering in the air, it is washable and made of non-woven fabric material.

The Replacement Activated Carbon Air Filter for 0.5hp Carrier and Condura Window Aircon is another option available for ₱239, with the ability to get rid of contamination and impurities in the air.

Cleaning your air conditioner filter will guarantee that you have a unit working efficiently.

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