How to “clean filter” on an LG air conditioner

If the “clean filter” light on your LG air conditioner comes on, you will need to remove the filters and clean them gently before putting them back.

The “clean filter” light comes on to remind you that you should clean your LG air conditioner filters regularly to keep the unit in good condition.

When this light comes on, you need to find and remove the AC’s air filters, clean them very gently to avoid any damage, and then place them back inside the unit.

Why it is important to clean the filters on your LG air conditioner?

You may have noticed that your LG air conditioner has a “clean filter” indicator light that turns on every few weeks.

This light is there to remind you that you need to clean your air conditioner’s filters regularly to ensure that the air conditioner works efficiently to keep your space cool.

You should clean your air conditioner’s air filters every two weeks, but the settings that you use, the climate that you are in, and how frequently you actually use your air conditioner can influence how regularly your filters need to be cleaned.

How to “clean filter” on an LG air conditioner

Now that it is clear what the “clean filter” light means and why it is important to clean your air conditioner filters regularly, it is also important that you know exactly what it means to clean your filters.

Since the “clean filter” light should appear every 250 hours and you need to repeat this process regularly to ensure that your air conditioner continues to function properly, it may be helpful to know that the process is not terribly complicated.

The first step in the process is to find and remove the air filter of your specific LG air conditioner model. This does not require any special tools or equipment. You then need to place the filters back in the same position once they have been thoroughly cleaned.

When you have located and removed the filters, the next step is to clean them gently. Dust, hair, lint and other particles build up over time as they get stuck to the filter when the air conditioner draws in warm air from your space.

For the last step in the process, you need to be careful not to use any tools or materials during the cleaning step that could damage the air filters before you place them back and your LG air conditioner can continue running effectively.

How to find and remove the air filter on your LG air conditioner

Ensure that you have switched off and unplugged your air conditioner before you remove the air filters. The air filters of different LG air conditioner models may be located in varying places, some of which are listed below:

Type of LG air conditioner Where to find and remove the air filters
Wall mounted units Remove the front or top air filter cover by pulling the side of the cover to release it
Window dual inverter units Remove the front panel that covers the air filters by flipping it down slightly
Other window units Find the air filter strip running alongside the front or the top of the unit. Gently pulling on this strip will pull out the filter
Portable units Find the air filter cover on the back of the portable unit and above one of the wheels along the side, and remove it

How to clean the air filters of your LG air conditioner

Once you have removed the air filters from your LG air conditioner, you will see that dirt and debris have likely started to build up on top of the filters.

To clean this, you can use a soft brush like an air conditioner brush or a dish brush and lukewarm water or you can run your vacuum over the filters quickly.

The filters are fragile and can tear easily, so you need to be gentle. The filters need to dry completely in an upright position before you can place them back into the air conditioner, in the same position from which you removed them.

What to avoid when cleaning the air filters of your LG air conditioner

Although it may be tempting to use detergent to clean your air conditioner filters when they are really dirty, this is not advisable as it will damage the filter. You also should not use hot water or place the filters in your dishwasher, as this is way too harsh.

Once you are done cleaning your AC’s filters very gently, you can leave them to dry out of the sun and then place them back inside the unit in the position in which you found them.

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