How to clean an LG air conditioner filter

The importance of following LG instructions for cleaning your air filters, 3M filters, and triple filters to ensure your unit remains functioning well and providing optimal cooling.

It is crucial that when you have an air conditioning unit, you keep it in good working condition at all times to avoid unwanted and unexpected malfunctions.

This can happen when the unit is not adequately maintained for optimal performance that satisfies your cooling or heating needs.

No matter the brand, air conditioners need to be well maintained to ensure that all internal and external parts are working properly. The air filter is one such part, and if you own an LG unit, it is valuable to know how to clean the filter.

Cleaning the LG air filter

LG is a popular brand that produces good air conditioning systems and many other household appliances. LG air conditioners need to be maintained, and part of maintaining them requires that their air filters be cleaned when necessary.

Different types of units need to be cleaned after specific periods of time and LG has instructions on how to go about cleaning their units’ air filters carefully and safely without damaging them.

It is the safest option to follow the guidelines LG provides for proper cleaning.

How to clean an LG air conditioner filter

To clean the filters of LG window or through-the-wall units, you have to pull the inlet grille forward and remove the filter from the front grille by pulling it up slightly.

Wash the filter with lukewarm water of below 104 degrees Fahrenheit and gently shake off excess water. Allow the filter to air dry, then reinstall it into the unit.

The air filter of a portable air conditioner needs to be cleaned every two weeks, though the indoor air quality will ultimately determine how frequently clean-ups need to be done.

To clean a portable unit’s filter you need to open the back, clasp the grip at the top center of the filter and pull out the filter directly.

You can use a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean the filter, but if it is heavily soiled, it can be washed in warm water using a mild detergent. Allow the air filter to dry completely before reinstalling it.

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Reinsert the filter, ensuring that the bottom of it is between the tabs and the coil guard. Reinstall the filter cover and listen carefully to make sure it clicks into place.

For a split LG unit, the filter must  be cleaned every two weeks, or more if necessary, and also requires the use of a vacuum cleaner or lukewarm water and a neutral detergent if heavily soiled.

Allow the filter to air dry in the shade before reinstalling it. Once you have done these things, your LG air conditioner should be good to go.

Some precautions to take before and while cleaning

Before you proceed with any maintenance on your LG air conditioning unit, it is important to switch off the unit at the power supply and unplug it completely.

It is also important that you do not use harsh detergents or water that is too hot to clean the filters, and filters cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

When removing the filters from your portable LG unit, you should be aware that some units have slightly different cabinet designs, so consulting the instruction manual is useful.

How to turn off the filter reset indicator light

Air conditioners are designed to be smart nowadays. In some LG units, your air conditioner warns you of an impending filter clean-up, which is your green light to check and clean the filter accordingly.

This will be indicated by the “Clean Filter” light. Once it is cleaned, the light may not switch off  automatically, and may need to be manually turned off. Press the “Temp up” or “Temp down” button on the control panel to reset the unit.

Cleaning the 3M and triple filters

Some units have a 3M filter and triple filter. It is optional to wash these but if you do, refrain from using water on them as this can damage them, instead, a vacuum or brush will do.

To clean these filters, switch the air conditioner power off and unplug it. Remove the air filters from the unit and then remove the 3M and triple filters.

Clean the filters with a small vacuum attachment or use a soft-bristled brush for stubborn particles. Reinsert the 3M and triple filters, and then the air filters.

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