How to reset clean filter on LG air conditioner

You need to press both temperature buttons on the control board of your LG air conditioner to reset the “Clean Filter” light.

The indicator lights on the control board of your air conditioner (AC) should give you a summary of how your air conditioner is performing.

This includes the “Clean Filter” indicator light on LG air conditioners, which reminds you that it is time to clean your filters and your unit needs to be reset by pressing the temperature buttons after this has been done.

What do the indicator lights on your LG air conditioner do?

Over the years, air conditioner manufacturers like LG have developed several features that make their air conditioners as easy and convenient to use as possible.

This includes the addition of several LED light indicators on the control board, which are designed to show you how your air conditioner is working at a glance.

Some indicator lights show you which operational mode your air conditioner is currently working in, others are there to remind you about regular servicing and maintenance tasks.

Furthermore, some lights can even indicate that there is a problem with one of the unit’s components. This way, you can get a lot of information about the functioning of your air conditioner by simply looking at the control board.

How to reset clean filter on LG air conditioner

One of these LG LED indicator lights that many air conditioner owners should be familiar with is the “Clean Filter” indicator light. This indicator light switches on to remind you that you should clean the air filters in your air conditioner regularly.

When the “Clean Filter” light on your LG air conditioner control panel turns on, you should turn your air conditioner off and remove the air filters from it to clean them.

Once the filter has been cleaned, you need to wait for it to dry completely before you can place it back into the air conditioner and switch the unit on again.

However, at this point you will notice that even though you have cleaned the air filter, the “Clean Filter” indicator light remains on.

This is because this indicator light works based on a timer and it has no actual sensors to tell it whether the filters are clean or dirty. This is why you need to reset the unit’s “Clean Filter” light once you have finished cleaning the filters.

You can do this by pressing the “Increase Temperature or ˄” and the “Decrease Temperature or ˅” buttons simultaneously on the control panel of your air conditioner.

The fact that there is an indicator light that reminds you of this maintenance process indicates just how crucial it is for you to maintain and clean your LG air conditioner’s air filters regularly.

How does the “Clean Filter” indicator work?

The “Clean Filter” indicator light on your LG air conditioner will turn on regardless of which “Mode” your air conditioner is operating in.

This is because this indicator works on an internal timer and thus, it will turn on every 250 hours to remind you to clean your filters.

This means that the light did not somehow sense that your filters are dirty and switched on, but just reminds you about it every two weeks when your filters should be cleaned and that it is time to complete this maintenance activity.

When the “Clean Filter” light is reset as in the process outlined above, this internal timer is reset and the light will switch on again in about 250 hours.

What to remember when cleaning your filter

When the “Clean Filter” light on your air conditioner comes on and it is time for you to clean the filter so that there is no dust and debris blocking the airflow into your unit, there are a few important tips that you should remember, such as:

  • Do not use water that is hotter than 104 degrees Fahrenheit to wash your filter
  • You can use a mild detergent to clean stubborn dirt from your filters, but these detergents often have harsh chemicals that can degrade the AC filters over time
  • If there are any holes in the filter or there is any noticeable damage, you need to replace the entire filter at once

Why it is important to clean your LG air conditioner filters regularly

LG manufactures its air conditioners with the “Clean Filter” indicator built in because this is such an imperative step in ensuring that your air conditioner functions correctly.

Cleaning the filter and then resetting the “Clean Filter” light to remind you later ensures that your air conditioner has sufficient airflow through the filters and that the unit is as effective and energy efficient as possible.

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