How to reset clean filter on LG air conditioner

How can you reset the clean filter function on an LG air conditioner and what does it mean when the reset filter is indicated by the air conditioner?

Has your clean filter light on your LG air conditioner been on and not switching off? You are probably going to need to reset the clean filter light on the unit and know how to do it.

There are reasons that your clean filter light might need to be reset, but also understanding what the clean filter light being on means is essential.

There are also steps to follow before you need to reset the clean filter and ways that you can keep your air filter in good condition to avoid having the clean filter indication warn you when it is time to clean the filter.

How can you reset the clean filter of the unit?

Resetting the clean filter on your LG air conditioner is really not hard but very simple. In the case of an LG window air conditioning unit, in order to reset your clean filter, you would need to consult the control panel of the unit where the clean filter light would be.

It is important to be sure to perform the reset only via the control panel and never attempt it using the remote control.

On the control panel you will see that you will have your clean filter led light indicator which will most likely be on if you are looking to reset it to turn off.

You will also find that there is a temp button, and next to the temp button are two arrow up and arrow down buttons marked as filter reset. These arrow filter reset buttons are what you will select to reset your clean filter.

Note that your air conditioner modes will also be on display on the control panel and that it does not necessarily matter which mode the unit is set on when you perform a filter reset.

To therefore reset, you will need to place your pointer and middle finger on both arrow buttons, one finger on each button, and press down on both of the buttons together in order to reset.

Depending on your air conditioning model, pressing the buttons together might work, but others might require you to hold down for a second or three until the clean filter light has reset and turned off.

When you have reset clean filter, expect that the light will switch on again after about 250 hours of operation, which is between 30 to 60 days, which will also vary according to how much you make use of the air conditioner.

What does filter reset actually mean on an air conditioner?

When the filter reset light is lit up on the unit, this basically means that the unit is warning you that the air filter now needs to be changed or is in need of cleaning, to ensure that it keeps working at its absolute best to deliver perfect cooling air.

When you have reset the filter, this means that you are bringing it back to its original condition in order to maintain the production of good quality air at a sufficient flow rate.

For some air conditioners, when the filter reset comes up, it can be an indication of a problem in the suction pressure of the air conditioners blower.

This can be caused by an obstruction of the air as it is trying to flow through the filter and adjusting the suction pressure, which leads to the board resetting and the air conditioner filter clean or reset light switching on.

The timing for the changing or cleaning of the air filter will not be the same for every air conditioner and model.

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So, why should your air conditioner filter always be kept in good condition?

A poorly maintained air filter will mean you do not get the best in quality air cooling from your unit.

A dirty air filter with a build-up of dirt, harmful dirt or even mould can develop on it, leading to the air quality being released into the atmosphere in your space not being as healthy and clean as it needs to be. This can result in health risks for people breathing in this air.

A clogged up air filter will mean that your air conditioner might over-heat at times. This is because the blower of the unit is struggling to deliver air flow at the same flow rate. Many other things could go wrong for the air conditioner.

So, to reset your clean filter on your LG air conditioner, you will need to press the units filter reset buttons simultaneously.

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