LG air conditioner filter cleaning

The LG air conditioner filter cleaning process should be completed every two weeks, but it is easy if you know what to do and what not to do.

Maintaining your air conditioner (AC) and keeping it clean can make it perform more efficiently and can help your AC components last longer.

The LG filter cleaning process is simple, regardless of which air conditioner model you have, and you only need to remember what to do and what not to do when the “Clean Filter” light turns on.

Why maintaining and cleaning your air conditioner is important

Air conditioning systems can make your space much more comfortable to live and work in, but in order to do this, these systems need to be well-maintained and kept in a good condition. Fortunately, most air conditioner manufacturers make it convenient to clean and maintain their units.

Although it can be somewhat inconvenient to clean and maintain your air conditioner, this process can extend the lifespan of your unit and lead to increased energy efficiency in the long term, which could make the process worthwhile.

LG air conditioner filter cleaning

One of the most important regular maintenance and cleaning activities that you need to complete, regardless of the type or size of air conditioner that you have, is filter cleaning.

LG air conditioners, including the window models, like this LT1237HNR 12000 BTU model, and portable models, like this LP0721WSR 10000 BTU model, also need their filters cleaned regularly.

Cleaning the filters on your LG air conditioner may seem like a daunting task, but youcan remove and clean the filters by yourself, without much effort. You need to clean the filters approximately every two weeks or when the “Clean Filter” indicator light turns on.

This process only really requires that you know how to find and remove your LG air conditioner’s filters and that you then follow the “dos” and “don’ts” of air conditioner filter cleaning to ensure that you do not damage the filters or any other parts of your air conditioner in the process.

These dos and don’ts can be summarised as follows:

What to do What not to do
  • Disconnect the power supply and wait for the fans to turn off
  • Use a soft brush or vacuum
  • Use lukewarm water
  • Let your filters dry completely before returning them
  • Use harsh chemicals or detergents
  • Let the filters dry in the sun
  • Put damaged filters back in the air conditioning unit

When to clean your LG air conditioner filters

LG recommends that you should clean your air filters about every two weeks, but this will differ based on how frequently you use your air conditioner. If you use your unit for the entire day or use it all day, every day, you may need to start cleaning your filters more regularly.

However, most newer LG air conditioner models have a “Clean Filter” indicator light on their control board, which will turn on to remind users that their filters need to be cleaned.

What to do when cleaning your LG air conditioner filters

Once the “Clean Filter” indicator light has turned on and you know it is time to start the process of cleaning the filters, it is important that you focus on the things that you should always do.

The most important aspect, for your safety, is to ensure that your air conditioner has been turned off, disconnected from the power supply, and that you wait for the fan to stop turning before you start.

Then, you can remove the filters and start cleaning them gently. At this point, it is important that you only use lukewarm water and work very gently to ensure that you do not accidentally damage your filters.

If there is a lot of dirt and debris built up on your filters, you can use a soft cleaning brush or a vacuum to remove it.

Once the filters have been cleaned, you can leave them upright in the shade to dry completely before putting them back in their place on the inside of the unit.

What not to do when cleaning your LG air conditioner filters

It is important that you do not use detergent or harsh chemicals in the LG air conditioner filter cleaning process. This can damage your filters and it will mean that you need to replace your filters more frequently.

The same thing happens with sun damage, which is why you should let your filters dry out in the shade.

It is also better to replace your LG air conditioner filters completely, than inserting a damaged filter, which will allow dust and debris inside your unit again, back into your air conditioning unit.

LG air conditioner filter cleaning
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