How to reset an LG air conditioner

What happens when system and power resets are required for your LG air conditioner, how can they be done, and LG units that are available on Amazon.

So, you own an LG air conditioner that seemed to have been working quite well since you bought it.

It was delivering exceptional cooling and heating capabilities and you have been enjoying quality performance for your money. However, you have noticed that the unit is malfunctioning. What do you do?

When your unit starts experiencing issues, there is often no cause for concern if you can diagnose the problem and fix it yourself.

However, in some cases where an air conditioner acts up, it might be time for the unit to be completely reset from scratch.

Resetting an LG air conditioner

It can be quite an inconvenience when you have been enjoying your LG air conditioner and it suddenly starts acting up and giving you issues that you may not understand.

There are certain scenarios in which you need to reset an LG air conditioner, but you must be sure that you do actually need to perform the reset for the issue you are encountering.

You should know how to reset your LG unit to avoid any further damage that doing it wrong could cause, as this only makes matters worse.

How to reset an LG air conditioner

If you have been enjoying your LG air conditioning unit for some time but are now experiencing issues with it, a system reset might be needed.

Some LG units come with a remote control that should have a reset button on it, you can reset your unit by pressing this button.

Another use for the reset button on your LG remote is to set the correct time. Time can only be set when you press the “RESET” button. Another way to fix issues related to the unit not powering on is resetting the unit and the circuit breaker.

Check the circuit breakers, press the “Reset” button on the power plug, and then press the “Power” button on the unit’s control panel to see if this worked.

Setting the current time of your LG unit

To set the current time of your LG air conditioner, you will need to press the “RESET” button on the remote control.

Setting the correct time allows you to time your air conditioner to operate at the desired times. Press the “RESET” button, then press the “Start/Stop” button.

Then press the “2nd F” button and check if the icon is on. Press the “TIME SETTINGS” button until you reach the desired time and set it. Check the indicator for “AM/PM” options.

Filter reset on an LG AC control panel

When your air filters are too dirty, most air conditioners will warn you that you need to clean them by flashing an indicator light or a “Clean filterLED light. You then need to remove and clean your filter as per the recommendations of the user manual.

Once you are done cleaning it, insert it back into the unit and press the “TEMP” arrow up and arrow down buttons simultaneously; this will reset your filters and turn off the notification.

LG air conditioners on Amazon

If you are looking for an LG unit to purchase, Amazon offers LG air conditioners. An option to consider is the LG 7 000 BTU portable air conditioner starting at $358.99.

This air conditioner can cool spaces of up to 350 square feet. It offers multiple fan speeds and an auto swing air vent to circulate air evenly and avoid hot spots.

The LG LW6019ER Window air conditioner is another option that can cool spaces of up to 250 square feet. This unit is available for $280.00, and it is energy star rated, meaning you save energy and money when using this unit.

Final thoughts

It is crucial to ensure that when you have an air conditioner, you are always aware of the condition of it.

You need to pay attention to and look out for certain troubleshooting that may be necessary, as this can prevent system failures and malfunctioning.

There are certain situations in which your LG air conditioner may need to be reset.

In some cases, you may not need to reset the unit itself but rather, certain elements tied to its operating capabilities such as circuit breakers, the filters, and setting the correct time. Resetting needs to be done accurately to be effective.

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