How to determine the size of the AC unit your home needs

How can you choose the right size air conditioner for your home, why is it important to choose the right size, and what can AC an size affect?

If you are looking to get your home an air conditioning (AC) unit, a thought that might have crossed your mind is the size of the air conditioner you might need to be able to efficiently cool down your home to your satisfaction.

The last thing you would want to happen is to find yourself having bought a unit, for it to either not cool your home the way you would desire or finding out that it will cool your home but also turn it into am iceberg. This could happen from the process of overcooling and being too big for your home.

It is important to understand how the sizing of air conditioners works, why the right sizing is crucial and what factors the size can affect, to help you better make a decision.

How do you size an air conditioner for your home?

The size of an air conditioner is not determined by the physical size and weight precisely, but rather by the unit’s capacity to cool down spaces. So, this will be how much cool air the unit will be able to generate and release in order to cool a space.

This is referred to as the units cooling capacity and is measured by British Thermal Units (BTU), which is how much heat a unit is able to extract from the air per hour for the space it is attempting to cool down.

When determining the right size of air conditioner you will need for your home, will need you to know the square foot size of your home.

This will make it easier to choose a unit that will be able to accommodate cooling down that size of a space, as air conditioners cooling capacities go hand-in-hand with the square feet.

Different BTU sizes will cool down certain ranges of square feet and when it comes to homes, they will be much bigger in size. This means that the unit you need will need to be a bigger BTU.

Knowing the square footage of your home is crucial. Where you live will also be a factor in determining the size of the unit you will need, depending on the climate of your area and how hot it can get.

What does the size of the air conditioner you get affect?

Determining the right size unit for your home is important, as the size of air conditioners will affect certain things such as costing of the unit and installation, how durable it is and how much utilities will cost you. All of these are things to consider to be sure you will purchase the right size.

The larger an air conditioner is, the more likely it is going to be priced higher. You will need to regard the price of the unit and if you can afford it.

Just because bigger units, which you will probably need for your bigger home space are more expensive, this will not mean that you settle for a smaller unit to save on costs.

You see, a smaller unit will not be able to sufficiently cool the home. Installation costs will also be a factor with the size of the unit you purchase.

The bigger the size of your unit, the higher your utilities might be but also buying the wrong size can also result in higher utilities.

If your air conditioner is too small for your home, it will lack the power to cool efficiently meaning that the money you think you are saving will only be used up by increased utilities.

If the unit it too big, it can cycle on and off affecting the durability and in turn increasing utility bills.

So, why is it crucial to get the correct size AC for your home?

The right sized air conditioning unit will mean that you will be getting the right value for your money, as it will deliver in terms of properly cooling your home.

If you buy the appropriate sized air conditioner for the size of your home, it is rare that you will encounter any problems in the air conditioners performance.

It will be able to cool just as it needs to, as opposed to having a unit too big or too small which can result in either a struggle for the unit to cool enough of the space, or it being too big unnecessarily.

So, ensuring that you know how to choose the right sized air conditioner for your home is important to help you avoid issues when choosing wrong.

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