How to install a split type aircon

How to go about installing a split type air conditioner by yourself, and the considerations regarding where to install it, amongst other factors.

Living in the Philippines means that you are most likely to have an air conditioner in your home, as the hot tropical weather conditions will call for you to have one in order to make it through the hot and humid days.

If you are yet to purchase an air conditioning unit and have decided to go for a split type unit for your home, then you are probably now wondering how to go about installing it without the help of a professional.

How should you install a split type air conditioner?

In the case that you are looking to install the unit using a do-it-yourself approach, there are specific steps you can take to achieve the installation process safely. It is important that all the research to successfully install the unit is done in order to do it correctly, and without any harm to yourself or the unit in the process.

The first step to take would be to place the blower or evaporator unit where you want it to be located. You would then have to follow by scaling the bracket that you will be securely placing your unit on, and then find a position for the compressor to be situated outside. In order to connect the refrigerant lines and the water condensate, you will need to make a hole through the wall.

Once the compressor has been successfully assembled outside, connect the refrigerant lines by using a spanner. Be sure to make these connections at the blower and compressor unit by ensuring that they are tightly secured, but not to the point that the threading is damaged. Should there be any excess tubing, you can opt to cut it.

Next, you would have to connect the vacuum pump through the manifold gauge into the port of the compressor and ensure to release the low-pressure gauge valve. Then, you must connect the low-pressure pipe to the compressor unit and the drainage hose to the vacuum pump. Be sure to perform a vacuum pull for about 30 minutes to drain all the water vapour in the copper lines.

You will be required to solder the connections of the copper lines, specifically the nuts on the ends of the copper lines in order to avoid any leakages and for the unit to work efficiently for a long time.

The final step will require you seal the low-pressure gauge but leave the liquid line valve partially open with an Allen key. The gas valve is to be left open for the manifold gauge to apply pressure.

Disconnect the vacuum pump and the manifold form the compressor unit and fully open the liquid line valve. Connect all the electrical connections both on the inside and out, and switch on your unit to test that it works.

What are the best places to install a split type air conditioner?

Sometimes the trick to installing a split type unit is for you to install it in spaces where it will deliver the best results. The bedroom and living room are considered the best for these units.

In the bedroom, it is best to position your unit in a place where the flow of air is not directly over the bed, as this can get uncomfortable with cool air hitting you directly.

When it comes to living rooms, positioning your split type in front of the sofa or directly in front of a sitting area will work best. This is because people do not spend too much time in their living rooms, as opposed to their bedrooms. Moreover, having the air hit you is not as bad as when it hits you in a stationary position in bed all night long.

Other factors to consider when choosing to install a split type unit

You will need to ensure that the wall you intend to position your air conditioner on is strong enough to withstand the weight of the unit by also looking into the material makeup of the wall. Your wall must be tall enough, as split type units need to be installed a certain distance from the ground.

Consider the distance between your outside and inside units, as they cannot be too far apart because this can definitely affect the cooling efficiency.

When considering installing a split type air conditioner by yourself, be sure to look into ways of doing this safely. This is important to avoid any damages to the unit and consider the best areas to have the split type unit installed.

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