How to make a room cooler without using an air conditioner

How to physically cool yourself down in hot temperatures in a room with no AC unit, and what to do to keep the room cool using different alternatives.

So, has a heat wave suddenly struck out of nowhere making you extremely uncomfortable? Are you also in a situation where you do not own an air conditioner?

A heat wave can be pretty uncomfortable to experience, especially if you do not own an air conditioner or other cooling alternatives.

The heat can be very unbearable, but you will be relieved to know that there are ways to keep a room cool, even without the use of an air conditioner.

What are some ways for you to physically keep yourself cool in a room without an air conditioner?

There are certain things that you can do to physically be able to cool yourself down in a room without an air conditioner. One of the best ways to cool down physically is to drink lots of cool water. Staying hydrated can help you stay comfortable.

Chilled water, but without ice is a sure way of cooling down your body from the inside, helping to make you feel comfortable even in the warmth. Drinking chilled water before going to sleep can also help control your body temperature.

Taking a cool or contrast shower can also help. A contrast shower involves you switching between hot and cold water temperature whilst you shower.

You can do this regularly to aid your body in adapting to shifting temperatures. A lukewarm shower can also do the trick if you feel that a contrasting shower is not for you.

Another creative way of keeping your body cool is to cool down your pulse points. You can do this by placing either an ice pack or cool wet towel where on where your pulse points are located. This is on your wrists, ankles, crooks of your elbows and behind your knees.

Cover your skin with something to avoid getting too cold. Cooling off your pressure points helps to decrease your body temperature faster and is very effective.

What are things you can do to cool off a room without an air conditioner?

One of the ways to cool off a room if you do not have an air conditioner, is to close your curtains throughout the day and opt to use darker ones instead. When your curtains are open on hot days, this allows the sunlight into the room, which comes with heat.

So, leaving your curtains open all day means that sunlight is freely filling up your room with heat. By the time it is night-time, your room will have accumulated heat from all the sunlight you let in.

Darker curtains will help to capture more direct sunlight and will prevent heat rays from heating up your room throughout the day.

Another way to cool a room down, which is going to be more effective in the night, is to open your windows and interior doors to allow for the evening breeze to enter and cool the room.

This will create a cross breeze with both the interior doors and windows being open, as well as the curtains to let the breeze enter freely.

Having a fan is somewhat close to having an air conditioner in this case. If you have a fan, you can place cool water or ice in front of it while it is operating. This will help the fan to blow more cooler air coming from the ice and cool water.

Another surprising hack is to play around with the lighting in your room. If you have incandescent fluorescent lighting, you might want to switch those light bulbs to LED ones.

This is because LED lighting remains cool while other light bulbs tend to produce some heat with them. This can definitely help to reduce the amount of heat accumulated in the room.

Buying a personal cooler on Amazon

A personal cooler can help in keeping a room cool. You would not need to resort to an air conditioner as a cooler is capable of keeping your room cool. You can find a cooler on Amazon, specifically the Comfort Zone Personal Air cooler that is available on Amazon for $28.99.

This cooler can work to lower the temperature around you by five degrees. It also has a three-speed output allowing you to switch between high, medium and low settings. The cooler can run for up to five hours on a single tank of water, with a wall adapter included.

Cooling a room without an air conditioner is possible.

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