How to reset a Haier air conditioner without a remote

An air conditioner suddenly not starting may be the result of a trip to the circuit, amongst other possible issues, and fixing it requires resetting the unit.

The reason people purchase an air conditioner is to have a cooling and heating appliance that effectively and efficiently cools down or provides heating for their indoor environments. But what happens in the case where your air conditioner starts giving you unexpected issues?

If you have a Haier air conditioner that has been working well without disappointment, but suddenly does not power up, you may need to reset the air conditioner to its default settings.

Unexpected air conditioner malfunctions

Air conditioners offer so much convenience in that they regulate the temperature of your indoor environments. Whether you are looking to keep cool in warm conditions or to warm your space in colder weather, your air conditioner can do both.

The most unpleasant thing that can happen is to anticipate switching on your unit and expecting it to work, only to find that the air conditioner refuses to turn on.

How to reset a Haier air conditioner without a remote

So, you are trying to start your Haier air conditioner and for some reason it refuses to switch on.

This can be a great inconvenience if you are desperate for some cooling or heating. If you have checked and are sure that the outlet the air conditioner is plugged into is working properly and the plug is pushed into the outlet securely, you may have a bigger problem.

In cases where the air conditioner does not start, even after you have checked it thoroughly, it may be that the circuit breaker has tripped. Air conditioners need a dedicated circuit and if the circuit fails, the unit does not start.

This calls for a resetting of the unit, which can easily be done from the unit’s remote control. However, it is easy to misplace a remote or for the remote to malfunction. This can be quite the frustrating situation.

Though it is still possible to reset your Haier air conditioner without a remote and this involves using the power cord plug to perform the reset.

The plug comes with a GFCI with a “Reset” button and a “Test” button. To reset the unit, you need to unplug the unit from the wall, press the “Reset” button on the plug, and plug the unit back in.

Why does the Reset button keep tripping?

You may notice that the Reset button keeps tripping (popping out). This should not happen and is likely caused by interferences like electrical overloading and overheating, amongst other issues with the electrical current of the home.

To fix this, you need to test your electrical setup to detect issues and repair them if necessary.

Additionally, you should examine the power supply cord for any damage, pinching, or aging and consider replacing the cord.  You can proceed to reset the unit after fixing the issue.

Online retailers, such as Amazon, have power supply cords you can purchase. Some of these are:

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Testing your power supply

Your power supply needs to be tested on a periodic basis. Leave your cord plugged in, then press the “Reset” button (a green light will light up on some devices).

Press “Test” and listen for a click where the “Reset” button trips and the green light turns off. Press and release the “Reset”  button and listen for the click again, then turn on the air conditioner.

This is how you will know whether the power supply cord is operating properly or not.

How to reset a Haier unit with a remote control

For those who have their remote control when a reset needs to be performed, this can be done simply by locating the “Reset” button on your air conditioner’s remote, which is usually in the bottom-right corner, and by pressing the button. Then allow the unit to complete the reset process successfully.

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