Why your window air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker

What are the likely causes for your window air conditioner tripping the breaker, how to monitor if this is occurring often, and what to do to fix it?

Do you have a window air conditioner in your home that has worked perfectly well since you bought it, but has recently started to trip the circuit breaker every time you try and turn it on? Then you would need to investigate what the likely cause of this is.

It is important to note that this can happen at times but can be cause for concern, should it be a recurring thing whenever you want to turn on your air conditioning unit, as it could also pose a danger if the matter is more serious.

What could be the reasons for your window unit tripping the breaker?

When your window air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, you need to determine what the problem might be in order to be sure that it does not pose a danger to you and your home. Fortunately, there could be a number of reasons as to why this could be happening.

Some of the common causes of a window ac unit tripping the breaker include it having a dirty air filter. When the filter of the unit has accumulated too much dirt, the blower will struggle to let air flow through.

When this is happening, the unit is trying to work extra hard to and longer to pass the air through the filter meaning that the unit is using way more electricity than it needs to be, causing the circuit breaker to trip. The solution for this would be to change the filter or clean it if it is washable.

Another reason could be that the outside unit may also be dirty. Since the inside unit works by drawing in heat from the air using refrigerant, which flows to the outside to get rid of the heat, this could be difficult for the unit to do if the outside unit is dirty, since dirt is an insulator.

So, the unit will overwork itself trying to get rid of the heat to the outside until eventually the breaker trips and keeps tripping.

If the compressor of your unit has started to have trouble, then this could be another culprit for your unit tripping the breaker. This is because the compressor is the key component to running your window air conditioning unit, as it generally uses the most amount of electricity when it is starting up.

If the compressor has started to deteriorate, it will struggle to start up and pull more electricity than it should leading to the breaker tripping. Those are just a few reasons for the breaker constantly tripping.

Did your unit randomly trip the breaker or is it a constant thing?

When your window air conditioning unit has tripped the breaker, it could have just happened unexpectedly, or it might be happening all the time. The tripping of a circuit breaker will not mean that you immediately have to worry, especially if it is not a recurring thing.

Note that circuit breakers do trip at times, but if you have a window air conditioner that runs on a specific outlet for some time, and it suddenly trips, it is not cause for panic.

It is important to pay attention to what else might have occurred when the trip took place, such as someone else plugging in an appliance, this will help you to keep track should another trip occur.

Now, in the case that the breaker keeps tripping, it is crucial that you do not reengage the breaker. Breakers are designed to carry a certain amount of amps and it could be possible that your air conditioner is tripping the breaker because it has exceeded the amps the breaker can handle.

What do you do when the breaker trips?

When your air conditioning unit keeps tripping, the breaker you will need to switch off the air conditioning system completely especially the thermostats. At the electrical outlets, turn on the circuit breaker and wait for 30 minutes with the air conditioner off and the thermostats off, to allow for your air conditioners internal circuit breaker to reset itself.

This will not happen if the thermostats are still set to cool, so make sure that this is not the case. After the 30 minutes, you can set your air conditioner back to cool.

If this helps and the unit turns on with no issues then it worked but should it continue tripping, you need to look into getting a diagnosis from a professional.

So, make sure to thoroughly investigate causes of your unit tripping the breaker.

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