How to set the temperature on a Daikin air conditioner

How you can change and set the temperature on your Daikin air conditioner to suit your desired comfort level, depending on the selected mode of operation.


An air conditioning system can come in handy for a number of reasons. Not only is it suitable for your cooling needs, but it is also useful for heating, drying, and as a fan. These are the different modes you can switch between while operating an air conditioner.

So, you have recently purchased a Daikin air conditioning unit for your home and are ready to put it to good use and enjoy its features.

You now need to know how to go about changing temperatures either for cooling or heating, and your manual offers you guidance in this regard.

Setting the Daikin AC unit temperature

All air conditioning units operate by adjusting to different temperatures, either set to change on their own or by the changes a person makes themselves, manually.

Either way, you still need to know how to set and change the temperature of your Daikin air conditioner.

How to set and change the temperature is found in the user manual of your unit, which also contains all the guidelines for safe operation.

How to set the temperature on a Daikin air conditioner

When you read your product operation manual you will find that you need your remote control to set the temperature on your Daikin room air conditioner.

Your remote control can be used to achieve the settings you want according to what mode you are using and how you want the room to feel.

When you look at your remote control, you will see the “TEMP” option with two arrows above (up) and below (down) it.

When you have switched on your air conditioner using the “ON/OFF” button, you have to select either the “TEMP” up-facing arrow to increase the temperature, or the down-facing arrow to decrease the temperature.

This will depend on the selected “MODE.”

Different temperatures according to the selected mode

The mode you choose for your Daikin air conditioner will determine how warm or cool the unit will get to achieve the desired temperature.

The different modes are: Auto, Dry, Cool, Heat, as well as a Fan. The presence of these modes, however, depend on whether your Daikin has all or only some of them, as not all air conditioners are the same.

According to the mode you have chosen, the unit will achieve different temperatures. These are listed below.

AC mode Temperature
Auto 18-30 degrees
Heat 10-30 degrees
Cool 18-32 degrees
Dry Temperature setting is not variable
Fan Temperature setting is not variable

The heating mode of a Daikin air conditioner unit

Your air conditioner is not only used for cooling purposes, but can also serve as a heating system at the right temperature.

On your Daikin air conditioner, it is important to note that the heating capacity will decrease in lower, outdoor temperatures.

If you have increased the temperature to try to reach a certain level of heat and it is not enough, you may have to use another heating appliance with the air conditioner to achieve the level of heating that you desire.

How does temperature work on “Auto” mode?

One might wonder how the temperature settings work in the Auto mode of the Daikin air conditioner and whether you need to make any adjustments manually.

In Auto mode operation, the air conditioner will choose a temperature setting as well as an appropriate operation mode, between cooling and heating, based on the temperature of the room when you switch on the air conditioner.

The system then automatically resets the settings at a regular interval to bring the room temperature to the user-setting level.

Final thoughts

An air conditioning unit works to adjust and maintain the temperature in a room, either to provide cooling or heating for a desired and comfortable overall temperature in the space. The temperature of a unit needs to be set manually according to what feels comfortable to you.

If you have a Daikin room air conditioner, you have to change your temperature settings using the remote control by selecting the arrow up or arrow down buttons located above and below the “TEMP” button.

Depending on your selected mode of operation, you can manipulate the temperature of the unit and the space.

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