How to use a Daikin air conditioner remote

How to use your Daikin air conditioner remote by understanding the different control buttons and their functions, as well as the interesting features between which you can toggle.

When you purchase any electrical appliance, it will most likely come with a remote control.

The same is true for when you purchase an air conditioning unit; most of them will come with a remote control for operating it, switching between temperatures, and other features.

If you have recently purchased a Daikin air conditioner, it most likely came with a remote control.

For people who are not technologically advanced enough to understand how to operate AC units, they will need to figure out how to use the remote of their Daikin air conditioning unit.

Daikin air conditioner remote control

Most air conditioners now come with a remote control for better ease of use.

If you have recently purchased a Daikin air conditioner, you most likely received a remote control with it that you should know how to operate to use your air conditioner the right way, and to switch seamlessly between features as well as to set your desired temperature.

The Daikin ductless mini-split inverter unit is a unit with a remote on Amazon for $1,124.98, containing relevant controls.

How to use a Daikin air conditioner remote

Your AC unit will come with a remote control that should make it easier for you to operate it. You  should know how to use it properly, for which you can consult the manual for guidance.

Once you have done this, insert the remote batteries, then turn on the breaker and set the clock.

To start operation, press the “MODE” button to choose between the “Auto,” “Dry,” “Cooling,” “Heating,” or “Fan” modes, then press “ON/OFF” to start.

To change the temperature settings, you can press the “TEMP” arrow up or down.

Pressing the “FAN” button will change the airflow rate setting, and you can adjust the direction of airflow by pressing the “SWING” buttons.

Press “OFF” under timer settings and “SELECT-arrow up/down” to set the timer option.

Below we list some basic operation options on the remote.

  • MODE: Switches between Auto, Dry, Cool, Heat, and Fan operation
  • ON/OFF: Switches the air conditioner on or off
  • TEMP: Arrow up/down adjusts the temperature
  • FAN: Will adjust the airflow rate setting
  • SWING: Will change the direction of the airflow
  • Timer: Press “OFF” and select the arrow up/down to set the timer to desired time

Home leave operation

Your Daikin air conditioner will come with an awesome feature called the Home Leave operation. To set it, you need to press the “HOME LEAVE” button with a house icon and the light will turn on.

To turn it off, press the same button, and the icon will no longer be displayed on the screen of the remote control.

The Home Leave operation is a function that allows you to record your desired temperature, as well as the airflow rate settings. It adjusts temperature and fan settings.

When is Home Leave operation useful?

You might wonder what the significance of this feature is and how it can be most useful for your home or space.

This function can be used as an energy-saving mode by setting the temperature two to three degrees higher to cool and lower to heat than normal, then setting the fan speed to lowest.

You can activate this mode every day before leaving the house, and you will return to a comfortably air-conditioned room.

This function can also be used before going to bed every night and the unit will maintain the temperature, making the room comfortable to sleep in.

Intelligent Eye operation

This feature is also useful for energy-saving. Press the “SENSOR-Intelligent Eye operation” button located under the Home Leave button of your remote to set it.

This feature is useful because it is the infrared sensor that detects when there is human movement in the room, and it switches between being on when someone is in the room and an energy-saving mode when nobody is in the room.

You need to decrease temperature by two degrees in heating, increase by two degrees in cooling, and increase by one degree in dry mode.

Final thoughts

Your Daikin room air conditioner purchase includes the remote control for operating the unit to suit your needs.

It allows you to switch between modes, set your desired temperature and airflow, as well as to activate interesting features such as Intelligent Eye and Home Leave operations.

It is important to understand how to use your remote control to help you to better manoeuvre the different features and set controls you have at your disposal while using you unit.

Consulting the manual provides the guidance you may need to better understand the remote’s buttons and their functions.

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