What is the best air purifier for your home?

Looking at the types of air purifiers that Amazon has to offer to be able to purify your home spaces and the pros and cons of each device.

Are you shopping around for some purification technology to keep the air in your home as clean as it possibly can be? You might be considering investing in an air purifier for your home. Air purifiers can be affordable and can be compact, perfect for placing anywhere in your home to purify the air around you.

Amazon has a range of some of the best air purifiers for your home in 2021, with excellent star ratings and reviews. Exploring what Amazon has to offer can help you identify the best possible air purifier for you and your home.

Levoit Air Purifier: pros and cons

The Levoit Air Purifier is considered as one of the best air purifiers for cleaning the air throughout your home and is available on Amazon for $175.99. It is one of the most effective air purifiers for large rooms.

It manages to remove 99.99 percent of airborne particles. The purifier has a lustrous and trendy design cylinder shape, with a neutral colour making it easy to add into any room no matter what the decor and colour scheme of your home is.

The purifier is light in weight with hollowed out handles on each side of the device, making it easy to hold and move around the house. It has a companion app that offers users the convenience of gaining useful data on the air quality and allows you to set up a time for the purifier to fit and get to work around a busy schedule.

In terms of noise levels, at its quietest, you will barely hear the air purifier but at its most powerful setting, it manages to still remain in the quiet decibel range of 52 decibels. It has an easy to use Smart interface.

The powerful VortexAir technology draws air in from a full 360 degrees and can purify spaces up to 403 square feet. The exclusive Airsight Plus Technology-internal lasers will measure the quality of air, adjust the fan and speed and deliver real-time readings for you. Reading the air so that it can clean the air for you.

Pros of the Levoit Air Purifier include it being affordable with a PM2.5/timer display and is easy to set up and use. A con is that the device app can be unreliable at times.

Blueair Purifier: pros and cons

The Blueair range of air purifiers can purify the air for spaces up to 600 square feet in size, which can make it a great choice for homes with larger rooms and even office spaces.

It is available on Amazon for $475.00. It has three power settings that can be changed by one button. The devices three-part filtration system is capable of capturing 99 percent of airborne PM 2.5 pollutants like allergens, odours, mould spores and dust mites amongst others.

It has an activated carbon filter able to eliminate smells created by smoke, pets cooking etc. It comes with two filters that you can wash and has a quiet operation due to the advanced filters that let high air flow through at a low level of noise.

Some pros of the device include it using low energy, having a strong purifying ability with a 360 degree air intake, and being great for large spaces. Some cons include it lacking smart features and being a bit bulky and heavy.

Coway AP 1512 HH: pros and cons

The Coway AP 1512 HH unit will offer you a four-way filtration system and is able to capture and decrease up to 99.97 percent of particles, 0.3 microns in the air including pollen, pollutants and allergens. It can also lower the chances of volatile organic compounds developing in the air and eliminates odour.

It is available on Amazon for $170.05 and can purify the air in rooms up to 361 square feet. It is an energy efficient purifier with a pollution sensor that tells you what the quality of air is like in that present time.

This unit is good for people who suffer from asthma and allergies, as it captures all the triggers. It has a pre-filter you can wash, which is able to trap large dust particles.

So, if you are looking for some of the best air purifiers for your home, Amazon will deliver in terms of quality top-rated devices that will efficiently and effectively purify your home spaces easily.

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