2 green lights on Mitsubishi mini-split

The 2 green lights on the front of your Mitsubishi mini-split can just turn on, blink, or blink in intervals to indicate different things.

Mini-split units are a great option for owners who need flexibility in order to install air conditioning or other HVAC systems in their homes.

Mitsubishi mini-split units are very efficient, but two green lights could either indicate normal operation or various errors with the functionality of the unit, depending on whether they are on, blinking, or blinking in intervals.

Why choose a mini-split unit?

The reason why most owners prefer a mini-split heating and cooling system over a different kind of unit is because of the versatility that mini-split units offer.

Mini-split units only require a small interior unit to be mounted against a wall and no ductwork or vents. This makes it possible for homeowners who cannot use other central air or window units to still install mini-split units in their space instead.

To add to this versatility, mini-split units can also be used to cool different rooms within your space at once, giving you greater control over the temperature in several rooms throughout the house.

Mini-split units are also often ductless, which makes them more efficient and can decrease installation cost significantly.

2 green lights on Mitsubishi mini-split

Mitsubishi mini-split units are particularly well-known for being some of the most effective and durable systems on the market.

Mitsubishi also makes some of the smallest mini-split units available, which makes this type of air conditioning system even more versatile and flexible, since you can install them in bedrooms, offices, and garage conversions, or guest rooms, without the hassle of installing all new ductwork in the space.

However, Mitsubishi mini-split units are by no means perfect. There are some errors that can occur with the Mitsubishi units over time and these errors are usually indicated by two green LED indicator lights that appear at the front of the indoor unit.

If you have two green lights at the front of your Mitsubishi mini-split unit, there are a few things that this could mean and these meanings can be summarised as follows:

Type of indicator light Meaning
Two green lights are on but not blinking Your unit is working to reach your desired temperature
Two continuously blinking green lights The louvre of the indoor unit is not placed correctly
Two blinking green lights This can indicate other error codes

Thus, it is important that you inspect the two green lights carefully, so that you will be able to differentiate between the normal operation indication and error indications.

Two green lights on but not blinking

When the two green indicator lights at the front of your indoor unit are on and are not blinking, this means that your mini-split unit is working and operational, but that it is still working to reach the desired temperature that you have set.

You can confirm this by measuring the temperature of the room with a thermometer, like this bestselling ThermoPro TP50 Digital Meter, which will also tell you the humidity levels and other information about your space, to see how close the room is to the desired temperature that you have set.

2 green lights on Mitsubishi mini-split
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Your Mitsubishi mini-split indoor unit has its own built-in sensors that constantly monitor the temperature in the room.

When this temperature deviates by more than two degrees Fahrenheit from your desired temperature, the lights go on and the unit increases its fan speed to cool or heat your room back to the desired set temperature.

Two continuous blinking green lights

If the two green indicator lights at the front of your Mitsubishi mini-split unit are blinking non-stop without any noticeable pauses, this means that the flaps or louvres of your unit are not properly positioned.

The indoor units for the Mitsubishi mini-splits are designed with removable flaps, so that these flaps can be clipped out easily and cleaned with a soft brush or cloth.

If the flaps are not clipped back in properly after this cleaning or they are moved somehow, these lights will blink continuously.

The lights will stop blinking once the flaps have clipped in properly on both sides of the indoor unit, and you should hear a clicking sound when the flaps slide into position.

Two blinking green lights

The indicator green lights may also blink in various patterns to indicate specific errors with your Mitsubishi unit.

In this case, you should count how many times the lights blink every interval, and then search for the corresponding error code in your owner’s manual.

This usually signifies an airflow or refrigerant problem, but the error codes will be specific to your mini-split model.

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    • The blinking is an indicator that it needs service. Call a technician! Ask if they are experienced in mini split systems. You can check the air filters. Check the outdoor coil to see if its clean or covered up with dirt. And at the breaker or disconnect, turn off power, wait 5 mins, and turn it back on. Then give it 3-5 mins to see if it will reset itself. If this don’t work, call a tech/service provider


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