Hitachi air conditioner red light filter

The red filter light on the Hitachi air conditioner is there to remind you to clean your filters regularly, which is important to keep it functioning optimally.

Hitachi air conditioners come at a premium price, but they also have many unique features to justify their higher prices.

Some of these features are customer-focused design elements, such as the red “filter” light which is designed to remind you to clean your air conditioner filters regularly.

Are Hitachi air conditioners worth the price?

Air conditioners have become a popular solution for cooling offices, homes, and other spaces during days and seasons when the weather is unbearably hot.

However, with the vast variety of air conditioning systems, brands, and sizes available on the market, it can be difficult to determine whether a premium brand, such as Hitachi, is really worth its higher price points.

The only way to really feel the difference is to compare a Hitachi air conditioner to another brand in your own home, but since that is unlikely, it is best to research which features make Hitachi air conditioners unique.

This includes their protection against dust and other pollutants, greater multiple-room control, and iSense technology.

Hitachi air conditioner red light filter

Hitachi air conditioners have a reputation for offering consumers premium features and an innovative air-cooling experience.

As part of this high-end user experience, Hitachi air conditioning units also have a “filter” indicator light, which turns red when it is time for you to clean your air conditioner’s filters.

This red “filter” light comes on automatically every 120 hours as an indication that it is time for you to clean your filters and it is designed to remind you of this.

This is to prevent your filters from getting too dirty or clogged, as this could block the airflow in your air conditioner.

This red light is usually located at the top of the air conditioner’s control panel and it is present in many different kinds and models of Hitachi air conditioners, including window units, multi-split units, inverter-driven units and more, but the process works similarly in all of the brand’s AC units.

It is important, if you own a Hitachi air conditioner model with this light, that you understand why it is paramount that you clean your air conditioner’s filters regularly, how to clean the filters thoroughly, and what to do after you have cleaned them.

Why it is important to clean your Hitachi air conditioner filters regularly?

It is important that you clean your air conditioner’s filters when the light comes on, or alternatively, every 15 days, as this will ensure that your Hitachi air conditioner operates efficiently and it could even extend the lifespan of your unit through proper maintenance.

The air and dust filters in your air conditioning unit are responsible for preventing any dirt, dust, hair, and other particles that get sucked into the machine with the warm air from your space, from being spread through and to other components in the air conditioner and clogging them up.

This is why it is important that you clean these filters regularly, as this dust and these particles will build up on the filters over time and can end up blocking the airflow throughout the unit.

How to clean your Hitachi air conditioner filters

It is important that you disconnect the power supply to your air conditioner before you open the casing and remove the filters.

Once you have unplugged the air conditioner and carefully removed the filters, you will notice that some dirt and debris has built up on it since you last cleaned it.

You can remove this dirt by gently running the filter under lukewarm water. If the dirt is quite tough to remove, you can use a soft brush, like the ones in this air conditioner cleaning kit to scrub the dirt off the filter gently.

You can also use gentle cleansers if you really need to, but caution is advised, because this could damage the filters and it is best to avoid detergents altogether if you are unsure.

What to do after you have cleaned your Hitachi air conditioner filters

After you have gently cleaned these filters, you can place them upright in the shade to air-dry on their own. Then, you can place them back into their compartments in the air conditioning unit.

You can switch off the red “filter” light on the control panel of your air conditioner by simply pressing the “Filter reset” button, which has a grid-type symbol, or the “A. Swing” button on your Hitachi air conditioner remote control.

You do not need to reset the air conditioner every time you clean the filters.

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