Understanding the drainage process for your Gree portable air conditioner

How much electricity does an AC use in “Fan” mode?

An AC will use much less electricity in “Fan” mode than when it is in “Cool” or other modes, but it will not be as effective. Many air conditioner (AC) owners choose to run their air conditioners on “Fan” mode when temperatures are not extremely warm. ACs use a lot less electricity when they are …

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Mini-split “Dry” mode vs dehumidifier

Does running the fan on my air conditioner reduce humidity?

Setting your air conditioner fan to the “On” setting instead of the “Auto” setting will not reduce the humidity levels in your space. Air conditioners have dual functionality. They do not only cool your space down, but they can also make your space less humid simultaneously. However, setting your fan to “On” instead of “Auto” …

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How to fix a short-cycling air conditioner

How to set the temperature on a Daikin air conditioner

How to customize the temperature on your Daikin air conditioner to match your preferred comfort level, based on the chosen mode of operation Whether you are using your Daikin air conditioner for cooling, heating, drying, or as a fan, understanding the process of adjusting temperatures is essential. How to set the temperature on a Daikin …

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C-Wire connected to air conditioner

Why your air conditioner fan keeps running when turned off

What is happening in the case that you find that your air conditioner fan is still running even though the unit is off, and how to troubleshoot this issue. Do you have an air conditioner in your home and have noticed that whenever you seem to have turned it off, your fan somehow will remain …

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If an air conditioner is set at 75 degrees, what must it be to shut off?

Should air conditioner be on auto or fan?

Looking at whether you should choose to set your air conditioner to auto or fan, as well as the pros and cons of applying each of these modes. If you are wondering which setting to choose to run your air conditioning unit, between the auto or fan mode, it may be best to first understand …

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How to override the temperature setting on a window air conditioner

Do air conditioners take in air from outside?

Traditional air conditioners in residential and commercial settings typically recirculate and cool indoor air rather than actively drawing in air from the outside. Understanding the recirculation mechanism in traditional air conditioners Below we briefly explan how these typical air conditioning systems work: Recirculation Air conditioners have an indoor unit (evaporator) and an outdoor unit (condenser). …

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