The meaning of the C1 error code on a Samsung air conditioner

If your Samsung air conditioner displays the C1 error code, it means you need to activate the auto-clean function to rid the unit of the moisture inside.

Like all other home appliances, air conditioners also run into trouble sometimes, often when you least expect it.

Fortunately, with air conditioning systems, it is now easier to tell what is wrong with the unit as soon as it starts acting up, as some models warn you of what the issue is.

Warnings are displayed by air conditioners as error codes, so you it may be helpful to know what certain codes mean for your air conditioner.

Samsung air conditioner owners may be familiar with the C1 error code, but what is your AC unit telling you when it displays this code?

Samsung air conditioner error codes

Different technical issues have their own error codes to make it easy for a problem to be detected and addressed, to get the unit up and running again.

When an error code appears on the LCD display of your air conditioner, most times your unit may not even work until the problem is attended to.

Hence, it is important to know what certain error codes mean for the unit to work again, since they communicate specific issues or malfunctions.

The meaning of the C1 error code on a Samsung air conditioner

If your Samsung air conditioner is displaying a C1 error code, it is basically the auto-clean indicator and when it is displaying this, you simply need to start the auto-clean function on the air conditioner to solve the problem.

The auto-clean function is intended for the unit to clean itself as a means of preventing the growth of harmful micro-organisms by getting rid of the moisture inside the indoor unit of the air conditioner.

The build-up of moisture in air conditioners that are inside the house often leads to the growth of mould, mildew, and other moisture-related bacteria that can end up being blown into the home, potentially causing health issues for the members of the household.

The auto-clean function does some of the work for you to protect you from bacterial infested air, thus improving the air quality in your space by keeping it clean and healthy.

You need to know how to perform the auto clean function on your Samsung unit, which will ensure that it is up and running again, producing air that is good quality while cooling your home.

This process is done differently on older Samsung air conditioners and newer units, but ultimately, it activates the unit to clean itself automatically, eliminating all traces of moisture in the indoor unit.

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Activating and deactivating auto-clean on newer Samsung AC models

To get the unit to start auto cleaning, you need to press the “Settings” button followed by the “Arrow left” and “Arrow right” buttons simultaneously, click on “Clean” and press the “Set” button.

The C1 code will still be displayed on the screen when the function is turned on. When the operation is turned off, auto clean will commence for 10 minutes, but cleaning times vary based on the previous mode that was used.

The auto, cool, and dry modes take about 30 minutes. The fan mode only takes about 15 minutes. After the auto-clean is done, the unit turns itself off.

To turn off the auto-clean function, you need to press the “Settings” button, the “Arrow left” and “Arrow right” buttons simultaneously, and then click on “Clean” and press “Set.”

Activating and deactivating auto-clean on older Samsung AC models

To switch on the auto-clean function on an older Samsung AC, you need to press the “Option” button for three seconds or more, or alternatively, press it and then press the “Arrow left” and “Arrow right” buttons simultaneously.

Next, select “Clean” and then press “Set.” The function will then be switched on.

To deactivate the auto-clean function, press the “Option” button for 3 seconds or more, or alternatively, press the “Options,” button and the “Arrow left” and “Arrow right” buttons simultaneously. Lastly, select “Clean” and press “Set.”

A few things to note about the auto-clean function

The indoor unit displays the progress of the cleaning of the Samsung air conditioner from 1 to 99 percent.

When the unit is off, the auto-clean function will instantly start, but when it is on, it only starts as soon as the air conditioner stops running.

If you start a function while auto-clean is functioning, it will reset and be restarted when the function you have selected has stopped or is completed. After auto-clean has been completed, the unit should not display the C1 error code anymore.

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  1. It is disturbing to see how many people have this problem. We just recently had to take ours apart and clean the roller-looking things because they were DISGUSTING. When we turned it back on, it’s stuck on C1/54 and won’t come on. I sure wish someone would address this problem because now it’s obvious that we aren’t alone.

  2. Looks like a common problem with Samsung ACs I also have the same issue will try their service department as is still under warranty.

  3. Hello!
    I have the C1 01 problem in my Samsung WindFree 9.000 btu A/C.
    Can somebody let me know what can I do to repair it?
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