What is Ice Plus on LG refrigerator?

The Ice Plus feature on LG refrigerators increases the ice making capability of the fridge, but it also has some drawbacks to consider before you turn it on.

Ice makers can help you make large amounts of ice continually for parties or for household usage.

Although ice makers that are built into fridges do not produce such a large amount of ice, the Ice Plus feature on LG refrigerators will increase the amount of ice that your refrigerator can make and help it create ice even faster when you need it.

Why ice makers are so useful

Whether it is a hot day, and you feel like having a cool drink, or you are entertaining guests and you need ice for your guests’ drinks, an ice maker can be a great way to ensure that ice is being made on-demand.

Ice makers are great, because they produce a variety of unique shapes of ice, like cubes, shavings, bullets, and more, and they can also produce ice continually, which will save you the time and trouble of having to drive to buy ice every time that it runs out.

What is Ice Plus on LG refrigerator?

Some of the benefits of having an ice maker are amplified when this ice maker has been designed to fit and work as part of your fridge.

In this way, you will have access to fresh, clear ice that is available in a variety of shapes, all at the mere push of a button right from your fridge.

You also do not need to take up any additional counter space in your kitchen or entertainment area, since the ice maker is contained in your fridge.

There are, however, also drawbacks to having this type of ice maker. Ice makers that are built into a fridge do not have the same capacity that some portable and commercial icemaker models do and they are not able to produce such a large amount of ice.

Most LG refrigerators can only produce about two and a half pounds of ice in a day, and if you want to entertain or if it is a very hot day, then this may not be enough ice to meet your needs.

This is why LG has developed the Ice Plus feature for their newer refrigerator models.

The Ice Plus feature is a setting which increases your LG refrigerator’s ice making and freezing capabilities, which means that your refrigerator will be able to make more ice and make ice faster when you turn this feature on.

This can be extremely beneficial when you need it, but you should keep in mind that using the Ice Plus feature regularly can place additional stress on your LG refrigerator, which is why your refrigerator does not work this way all the time.

Once you understand how the Ice Plus feature works, it is important to understand how this feature can be turned on and off, so that you can use it when and how you want to.

The benefits of turning on the Ice Plus feature on LG refrigerators

The main reason why the Ice Plus feature was designed and is included in LG refrigerators is because it allows you to set your refrigerator to produce ample amounts of ice in time for a party, a big event or, just in preparation for a hot day.

The Ice Plus feature also enables your LG refrigerator to produce ice much faster than it usually would. This means that your refrigerator can produce a full ice bucket in less than three hours.

The drawbacks of turning on the Ice Plus feature on LG refrigerators

Although the Ice Plus feature was developed to make your LG refrigerator ice maker more convenient to use, there is a reason why this setting has not become the default for these LG refrigerators yet.

This is because the electrical components in your LG refrigerator, like the compressor, needs to work much harder to uphold this increased ice making demand and capability.

This can cause added wear and tear to these components and is why this feature automatically turns off after 24 hours.

How to turn the Ice Plus feature on and off

Once you understand how the Ice Plus feature works, as well as all the benefits and drawbacks of using it, then you need to understand how to turn this feature on when you want to use it.

To do this, you need to either press the “Ice Plus” button on the inside of your refrigerator, or navigate to “Settings” and then to “Refrigerator Management” settings from there.

You can also use the LG SmartThinQ mobile application to switch this feature on and off.

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