How big of a dehumidifier do you need?

How to decide on how big of a dehumidifier you will need for your home, and the factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right size.

If you are shopping around for a dehumidifier for your home, you are probably thinking of what the right size for you to purchase would be. This could be the case in terms of your home and its size. Finding the right size dehumidifier will ensure that it does the work effectively for your home.

There are certain qualities of a dehumidifier that you will have to consider before making your purchase, as well as considerations about your house that will determine how big your dehumidifier should be.

What size dehumidifier do you need and what to consider in choosing the size?

Dehumidifiers will vary in capacity. If you choose a small one capable of holding 10 pints of water for a 500 square feet space; add four pints of capacity for every added 500 square feet.

Determining the size you will need for a 1,000 square feet space, you will need to add four pints for a total 14 pint capacity.

For a very damp space, it might be good to raise the size of the dehumidifier so that it can properly eliminate the high levels of moisture from the air. Select a dehumidifier capable of holding 12 pints of water for a 500 square foot space, adding five pints for every extra 500 square feet.

When trying to determine the size of the dehumidifier you will need, knowing the square footage of your home will be one of the first factors to consider.

Another factor to take into account would be the number of people in the home or space, as people drink water, sweat and breathe hot humid air. So the more people are in the home, the more humidity there will be.

How many windows and doors you have will also contribute to the levels of humidity in your home. Doors and windows allow humidity to enter spaces more easily, increasing the humidity levels.

Laundry rooms and bathrooms are spaces that tend to have a lot of dampness in them and this can affect the humidity in the home, a dehumidifier will help to lower accumulated humidity.

So, when trying to figure out what size dehumidifier to get for your home take into account these factors as they will play a factor.

What are dehumidifiers good for?

Dehumidifiers are great devices that will help in getting rid of excess moisture and water damage in your home, and in the process actually make it easier for you to breath.

They are good tools to help in preventing the growth of mould, mildew as well as dust mites from spreading all over the home or space.

This is an important measure in prevention, as mould is attracted to many elements in the house such as the ceiling tiles, wood and wood products.

A dehumidifier will free a space of moisture. On most dehumidifiers, you are able to configure the preferred humidity level and when the humidistat registers a level that has surpassed what you have set as the preferred level, the dehumidifier will click on and start to do its job.

What to do and consider before purchasing a dehumidifier

Before you rush to purchase a dehumidifier, you will have to first test your home for any extra moisture. There are signs that will help you figure out if there is high humidity in your home, and this includes checking the windows and doors for any fog or extra condensation.

Look out for any moisture on the walls and ceilings too. If you identify some of these signs, but are not certain whether they are a sure sign of high humidity, you can opt to buy a humidity gauge, which is also called a hygrometer that is able to measure and keep up with the indoor quality of the air and give you readings.

Something else to do before purchasing a dehumidifier is to be sure of the extent of the problem. You will need to determine if the whole house is excessively humid or if it is only certain parts of the home that are dealing with humidity issues.

Having an idea of the extent of the problem will make it easy to decide what size dehumidifier to buy, whether a large whole-house one or a smaller portable one which is much more affordable. Whatever the size you need, this will be determined by how big the issue is.

So, before buying a dehumidifier, consider all factors that will influence the correct dehumidifier size you will need.

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