How long can you run a portable air conditioner continuously?

Can you rent a portable air conditioner?

Before you choose to rent a portable air conditioner instead of buying it, what are the factors to consider with rental, what are the advantages and cost factors? If you are looking to get a portable air conditioner, but on a temporary basis, opting to get a portable air conditioner to rent can be the …

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Best window air conditioner for an apartment in Canada

How to quieten a noisy air conditioner

What to do in the case you have a noisy air conditioner, what are the noises they can make and what can be the cause of such noises. Do you have an air conditioner that seems to be bothering you with the level of noise it is producing? A loud air conditioner will not be …

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How often do you have to drain a portable air conditioner?

Quietest dual hose portable air conditioner

What to consider when shopping for the quietest dual hose portable AC units, which of the quietest units are on Amazon, and the advantages of portable dual units. Should you be looking into the air conditioning market for a portable air conditioning (AC) unit for your home or space, you may have considered purchasing one …

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How to install a portable air conditioner in a push out window

Do all portable air conditioners have to be vented out a window?

What are your options if you cannot vent a portable air conditioner from a window, how a ventless portable unit could work, and the importance of venting units? Are you looking to own a portable air conditioner (AC) but are wondering if all portable units need to be vented outside a window? The simple answer …

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How to reset a Mitsubishi air conditioner

How much is the installation of a split type aircon in the Philippines?

Looking at the different price ranges of installing a split type air conditioner in the Philippines, as well as the factors that will influence the difference in pricing.  The Philippines is regarded as one of the warmest tropical places in the world, and so, air conditioners are a big deal for its people. Installing a …

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How often should you change your air conditioner filter?

How to make an air conditioner colder

In the event that your air conditioner is not cooling like it used to, what can you do to get it to become colder and functioning properly again? So, you have an air conditioner in your home that has always worked well and delivered the best in cooling for you and your family. Should you …

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How to recharge a window air conditioner

The steps and safety precautions to take when your window air conditioner needs to be recharged and how to go about identifying where the leakage is. Are you using a window air conditioner (AC) for your home and noticed that it was not giving off the cool air that it once did? This could be …

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How to clean window air conditioner without removing it

How to tackle cleaning a window air conditioner without removing it from the wall, and the cleaning kits you can find on Amazon to help with the process. Owning an air conditioner (AC) is considered as a necessary luxury when it comes to enduring the hot summer days. Keeping cool in your home is one …

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How much should I pay for a window air conditioner?

How many amps does a window AC use?

Understanding what amps are in electrical appliances and how they are measured when it comes to your window air conditioner, including the differences between amperage, voltage and wattage. If you are looking to own a window air conditioner (AC), then one of your biggest concerns might be how much electricity it is going to consume. …

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How to clean an aircon filter

Understanding how to clean your aircon filter and why it is considered one of the most important maintenance tasks to ensure your unit is functioning at its best. Should you own an air conditioner (AC) in the Philippines, you will know that in order to ensure that it is running efficiently and delivering at its …

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